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Mounting Rugged Tablet White Paper

Fixed Mount System

Fixed mounts using a Vesa plate or a mobile, no drill magnetic mount allows tablets to be positioned virtually anywhere. Manufacturing utilizes magnetic mounts by affixing directly to machines to manage cycle counts and controls. Healthcare may employ a snap mount on the exam room wall or admissions area to digitize the check in process. Restaurant or retail settings utilize a countertop with a tablet equipped with a MSR and quick release snap mount to instantly converts the tablet to a mobile point of sale device.

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Title: A step-by-step guide to mounting rugged tablets

1. Snap Mount System

Our patented Snap Mount system with a quick-release mechanism takes a tablet that is securely mounted in a fixed location one moment to on-the-go the next for fast transitions between the mount and field.

2. Wall Mount System

For scenarios where carrying a tablet isn't always required, a Standard Wall Mount setup may be an attractive option as a time keeping mechanism, a point-of-sale (POS) device, an interactive display for customers, product guide access, departmental productivity dashboards or even a central location for various inventory checks.

3. Magnetic Mount System

Our Magnetic Mount system provides a strong hold with no drilling required! The base uses four extremely powerful rare earth magnets that attach to any flat metal surface and can hold up to 50 lbs., so it can be trusted to keep a tablet firmly in place. Mount to metal panels, equipment, beams, and so much more.

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MobileDemand’s variety of creative mounting solutions have increased productivity for frontline workers in mobile industries everywhere. We work with customers to determine the correct mounting strategy for their specific tablet and needs to ensure the highest level of business continuity by reducing critical failures and costly downtime.

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