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Forklift-Mounted Rugged Tablets

Not sure which mount you need? Use the Mounting Wizard.

While traditional radio frequency (RF)-enabled data collection devices (both handheld and mounted) are still widely used, newer device-types, such as ruggedized tablets with newer Windows® operating systems, are catching on. Especially when it comes to operations which involve the use of forklifts.

Today's secure, enterprise-ready rugged tablets are built to handle the complex data collection which is required to keep the facilities operating at maximum efficiency.  MobileDemand offers vibration-resistant tablet solutions that can be mounted directly to the forklift, power the device via the fork truck battery (optional), and connect to peripherals such as a handheld scanner or full QWERTY keyboard.

Certain tablets include the ability to enhance the WiFi connection by utilizing an external antenna, including the xTablet 1600. There are also several power options available, including wiring the tablet dock to the fork truck battery or using XL battery packs. Contact your MobileDemand Tablet Expert at 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com to help you determine the perfect setup.

Family of Devices

MobileDemand tablets that are recommended for forklift mounting for use in in warehousing and manufacturing facilities include:



Tablet vs. Traditional VMT


  • High test standards including going beyond MIL-STD vibration profile requirements
  • Battery options which can last longer than an entire shift
  • Fully compatible with WMS, barcode scanners, printers, etc.
    • Integrated barcode scanner is an option on certain xTablets
  • WLAN with the latest industry wireless security features
  • Full-fledged operating system for increased productivity
  • Terminal emulation ability

Traditional VMT's

  • Very expensive
  • Less functionality compared to tablets and laptops
  • No option for integrated barcode scanning
  • No built-in battery - terminal can lose power frequently
  • Limits productivity due to limited functionality

Case Study

For warehouse and production facilities worldwide, the efficient movement of materials and employees alike is key to running a successful operation. For Minnesota-based Japs-Olson, this involves more than 30 forklifts, 700 employees and a forklift-mounted tablet solution accurately tracking inventory and keeping the mobile workforce as productive as possible at all times. 

Mounting Options

MobileDemand utilizes RAM Mounting Systems and Gamber Johnson for the attachment hardware of their forklift tablets. They provide a sturdy, vibration-resistant grip for optimal mobile computing and viewing experience. While most-end users prefer the device to be mounted to the cage either eye-level or overhead, there are other options for where to position the mount:

  • Cage (No drilling required)
  • Dash
  • Step (Drilled in to the footstep)
Mounting Options for Tablet on Fork Truck

Fork Lift Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors and Outdoors

Most MobileDemand tablets are designed for operation both inside and outside the four walls. Covered and sealed ports ensure that no water or dust can penetrate the device, making it an ideal solution for forklift operations outdoors in extreme temperatures and varying weather conditions.