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Mounting Rugged Tablet on Forklift White Paper

Forklift Mounting

Forklift mounting is an easy and efficient way to increase productivity in warehousing and manufacturing while keeping your tablet safe and secure, yet mobile if needed. We combine our own snap-mount technology with mounting system to provide a sturdy, vibration resistant grip for ease of installation and optimal mobile computing and viewing experiences with any of the mount location options. Download our Forklift Mounting Guide.


  • Bar - Can attach to one of the four vertical cab bars supporting the overhead guard
  • Dashboard - The least amount of visual obstruction
  • Step - Attached to the footstep with a swing arm, this method places the tablet to the side of the operator
  • Overhead guard - Popular for companies that lease their forklifts as this does not require drilling

Forklift Mounting Options

Download our mounting white paper

Title: A step-by-step guide to mounting rugged tablets

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MobileDemand’s variety of creative mounting solutions have increased productivity for frontline workers in mobile industries everywhere. We work with customers to determine the correct mounting strategy for their specific tablet and needs to ensure the highest level of business continuity by reducing critical failures and costly downtime.

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