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Frequently Asked Questions

Because MobileDemand rugged Windows tablets are designed for vertical markets, this section of our website is dedicated to answering our customer’s most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Send us an email at sales@mobiledemand.com.

Additional questions regarding Microsoft Surface tablets and rugged cases can be found here.

MobileDemand offers the most robust rugged case available for the Microsoft® Surface Pro® 4, the new Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro with LTE, Surface Pro (2017/5th Gen), and the new Surface Go®. We no longer offer a case for the Surface 3. Learn more about rugged Surface cases.

Yes. MobileDemand offers the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4 tablets as a bundled solution. The bundle includes the tablet, Premium rugged case and a strengthened glass screen protector.

Surface Pro 4 Bundle

Surface 3 Bundle

As long as it operates on a Windows OS, it'll work on MobileDemand tablets. If you are unsure, please ask a MobileDemand sales expert (call 319-363-4121).

It varies depending on which xTablet model you have and which battery. MobileDemand offers extra-long life batteries that will supply up to 12 hours on a single charge depending on how the tablet is being used and the PC settings.

Absolutely. Whether it's integrated in to the tablet or connected via Bluetooth or USB, all of MobileDemand xTablets are capable of running barcode scanning applications. If you would like an integrated barcode scanner, please take a look at the following devices:

Yes. All new tablets purchased from MobileDemand will come with either a 1-, 2-, or 3-year warranty depending on the device. Additional protection is available.

Rugged Surface cases come with a 1-year warranty covering material and workmanship.

MobileDemand recently announced the addition of Android® tablets into the MobileDemand Family of Tablets. Currently the xTablet A1150 is available for purchase, and additional Android tablets will be offered in the upcoming year. MobileDemand does not offer any tablets with the iOS operating system, but we do have rugged cases for iPad® and iPad Pro®

Yes. In fact, MobileDemand has customers in over 40 countries with a reseller partner network supporting those regions. Contact a sales expert (319-363-4121) today to discuss your opportunity or use case. 

No. We sell MobileDemand brand tablets. If you are looking for something similar to Itronix and DRS, please refer to our tablet replacement page. We offer many devices that would be a good replacement for your end-of-life tablets.

The surface contacts on the bottom of the rugged tablet are silver plated, which is common plating for electrical contacts. They will remain functional even if they are slightly discolored. To properly clean the surface contacts, we recommend any readily available non-abrasive silver polish; many of these polishes contain an anti-oxidizing agent that will slow future discoloration. A pencil eraser should not be used on the contacts as it will erase the silver plating relatively quickly, allowing corrosion to occur at a faster rate, which will cause failures.

Like most technology vendors, MobileDemand has the devices contract-manufactured in Asia.

MobileDemand tablets start at $495 and go up from there depending on the features and functions needed. The xTablet T1550, xTablet T8540, xTablet Flex 8A, and xTablet Flex 10A are currently sub-$1,000 list price.

Learn more about the various types of rugged tablets.

We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaning substance (409, Glass Plus, etc.) and a soft cloth to clean the unit. Do not spray the cleaner directly on to the tablet; spray the cloth. Do not submerge the tablet or any of the accessories.

You can expect approximately a 20% loss of capacity after 200 full cycles - which would equate to about a year's worth of being used every business day. This would be common across Li-ION batteries in today's mobile computers (laptops, tablets). The battery should last several years, but expect to have some capacity drop over time. Keeping the battery cool during the summer months can greatly increase the lifecycle of any battery; MobileDemand mounting options can assist in this.

A MobileDemand battery should take approximately two-three hours to fully charge. Older batteries may take longer.

Yes we do. All of our ruggedized tablets are equipped with color front-facing (2MP) and back-facing (5MP or 8MP) cameras.

MobileDemand does not have an ADK or SDK currently. We do, however, have a relationship with MobileFrame, a RAD (Rapid Application Development) solution. MobileFrame is a "drop and drag" environment which assists in building applications using industry standards.