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Virtual Patient Communication.

Improve isolated patients' experience. Reduce medical staff exposure and PPE use.

Virtual Patient Communication.

Improve isolated patients' experience. Reduce medical staff exposure and PPE use.

Rugged Tablets for Healthcare

Breaking news: MobileDemand healthcare iPad cases deployed as Mobile Patient Virtual Presence Tablet (VPT) at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. See the benefits of using rugged iPad cases as part of a Personal Virtual Presence Tablet:

  • Medical staff to reduce instances of exposure to patients in isolation.
  • Isolated patients to communicate and engage with their loved ones.
  • Allow patients to see the caregiver behind the mask - seeing smiles and expressions of understanding and reassurance provides a more personal, human-centered experience.
  • Help ration PPE by limiting the number of staff members who enter isolated patients' rooms.
  • Provide on-demand access for patient consultations with pharmacists, dietitians, interpreters, and other multidisciplinary services.
  • Improve end-of-life experience by ensuring the families of patients in critical condition can be quickly contacted and brought to the patient's bedside virtually in their final moments.
  • Avoid personnel shortages by allowing more providers to participate in care remotely.

Utilizing rugged tablets in healthcare benefits the patient-centric experience by improving communication, collaboration, data management collection, and workflow efficiency. MobileDemand's suite of rugged technology includes mobile tablets, protective cases, integrated barcode scanners, mounts, easels, and other accessories that will empower providers and front-line staff to offer personalized care alongside patients.

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  • Streamline workforce and patient health checks upon entering a facility.
  • Accurately collect data, maximize workflow efficiency, and speed up lines at alternative care sites treating high volumes of patients.
  • Seamlessly float from the clinic, to the hospital, or alternative care sites without losing access to critical data and tools.
  • Easily mount the device on a wheeled healthcare cart that can be rolled into an isolated patient's room for virtual communication use. This frees healthcare workers from having to hold the tablet and provides effortless viewing for patients who may be too weak to hold a tablet.
  • Faster registration and convenient check-in process to alleviate long waits at front desk.
  • Tablets cost less and easier to implement in busy times, especially in smaller waiting rooms and patient floor settings.
  • Rugged tablets are mobile to allow deployment where most urgently needed, not fixed.
  • Reduce costly paperwork and eliminate data entry and transcription errors such as basic patient information and insurance details.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians can send photos, video and information for patient arrival to the hospital.
  • Protect patient data and sensitive information.
  • Minimize downtime and future replacement costs.
  • Investment protection and reduce interruptions with proven rugged tablets, rugged cases, and screen protectors.
  • Avoid damage from accidental drops with a rugged protective case or rugged tablet.


Isolated patient use

Personalize patient care and reduce front-line medical staff exposure from illness with our Mobile Patient VPT for virtual communication in the healthcare setting. The healthcare iPad case has an easel attached, providing effortless viewing for patients who are too weak to hold a tablet. Additionally, the case is designed to be easily mounted to wheeled healthcare carts, which can be rolled into an isolated patient's room.

"The engagement of loved ones during hospitalization has shown to improve clinical outcomes," said Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) Director, Dr. Christina Ghaly.

MobileDemand recently donated 300 healthcare iPad 10.2" cases to DHS faculties including Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to help facilitate isolated patient-family and isolated patient-medical staff communication.

Workforce and patient health checks

Improve workplace and patient COVID-19 screenings by easily attaching a thermal camera to our rugged xCases to record and track temperatures upon entering the facility. Other screening measures, such as pulse oximetry and questionnaires about general health, recent travel, or exposure, can be recorded as well. Check out 5 ways our tablets are streamlining health checks.

Rugged tablet for patient registration and check-in

As part of patient-centric initiatives, many healthcare institutions automate patient check-in, registration, and health history collection with a self-service rugged tablet to improve speed and experience in the waiting rooms. Streamline patient intake by replacing paper forms on clipboards while avoiding costly and error-prone transcriptions. Rugged tablets can even take copayments while outfitted with the latest, secure and encrypted credit card reading swipe and chip readers. Especially during critical busy times or in-clinic/in-patient floor waiting room settings where space is an issue, rugged tablets can be a better solution than floor-standing kiosks. Rugged tablets cost less and take up less space than kiosks.

Drive-through testing

Drive-through testing sites are appearing all over the country as they allow healthcare workers to collect specimen samples when there's a high volume of patients. To ensure a fully optimized workflow that prioritizes safety and time, healthcare organizations are looking to rugged tablets to help automate processes such as data capture and reporting that will bust the lines while improving patient experience.

Alternative care site use

Alternative care facilities, such as medical tents or temporary hospital sites, have been set up by healthcare systems whose main facilities have been overrun. While alternative care sites increase capacity, the chance for errors in patient identification or treatments is higher due to the fast-paced environment. Equipping healthcare workers with a rugged tablet will not only ensure accurate data entry, but enhance patient safety and maximize efficiencies.

Emergency medical services, ambulances and first responders

Providing immediate care in urgent situations means every minute counts. Ambulance paramedics / emergency medical technicians (EMTs), fire and first responders are able to utilize lightweight rugged tablets designed to assess and prepare for patient needs prior to scene arrival. Upon arrival, the need for a rugged tablet is apparent in the ever-critical and first stage to rush to the patient. The rugged paramedic tablets are mounted in the front compartment cab of the ambulance and can be quickly removed with a snap mount release. Utilizing the patient care software for emergency medicine, the tablets can improve care in the field and in the interior of the ambulance - also allowing for a quick and easy snap mount near the captain's seat, walls, cabinets or counter. Finally, the use of lighter-weight rugged tablets by paramedics speeds up the transfer-of-care to the hospital.

Blood center operations

To make the life-saving blood donation process as quick and painless as possible, blood centers utilize tablets for check-in, registration, and health history collection. They can also scan patient wristbands, documentation (paperwork), medical supplies and blood collection bags.

Mounting rugged tablets as assistive technology

Tablets help provide personal mobility to people needing assistive technology. Assistive technology helps bring the latest and innovative devices such as iPads, Android tablets, and Windows devices like the Microsoft Surface with rugged cases by MobileDemand with flexible adapters that utilize standard mounts. Now, one can mount these devices with a truly proven rugged case and secure mounting with quick release to wheelchairs and other mobility scenarios.

Rugged tablets on medical carts

Rugged tablets or tablet devices with rugged cases are commonly mounted or embedded into in-hospital mobile carts for variety of patient care applications, connecting to barcode readers and other medical equipment. They can be used for medical equipment maintenance, calibration, and inspections.

Tablet features

  • Secure, user-friendly Windows Pro, iPad iOS and Android OS
  • Proven rugged to military standards (MIL-STD 810G) drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature exposure
  • Long-life battery options to withstand long hospital handovers while remaining up and running
  • Easy to carry and hold with comfortable back hand strap and briefcase handle
  • Integrated, tethered or wireless barcode scanning to ensure accurate data collection
  • Secure Wi-Fi, LAN and WWAN connectivity for real-time communication in the field and in the clinic
  • GPS for location stamping and turn-by-turn directions
  • Available handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted options

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Case Studies

EMS Patient Care Using Microsoft Surface Tablet with Rugged Case

Northglenn Ambulance utilizes the Microsoft Surface and MobileDemand rugged xCase for patient care applications.