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How Does a Rugged Tablet with 3D Camera Work?

How you see an image is all about perspective. Human vision has depth because of the placement of our eyes and the processing matrix in our brains that decodes what we see in to a three-dimensional view. Today's 3D cameras have to accomplish both image capture and image decoding to capture three-dimensional images.  

A 3D camera, also refered to as a stereo camera, is one that can record images that will appear to have three dimensions to them. These 3D cameras, such as the Intel RealSense R200, use a dual lens configuration with infrared laser, where each lens records a slightly different view and angle of the scene. When the images are automatically combined in to one, it creates the illusion of depth.

An Intel RealSense camera contains the following four components: a conventional RGB camera, an infrared laser projector, a left depth infrared camera, and a right depth infrared camera. The infrared laser projector projects a grid onto the scene (in infrared light which is invisible to human eye) and the infrared cameras record it to compute depth and length/distance information. 

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3D Camera in Rugged Windows Tablet

3D Camera Rugged Windows Tablet for Business

xTablet T8650 with 3D Camera

xTablet T8650

The xTablet T8650 from MobileDemand is the first-to-market rugged tablet with an integrated 3D camera. The xTablet T8650 runs enterprise-ready Windows 10 Professional, an operating system that gets more work done in less time, and is partnered with an Intel Atom processor, 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. Other unique features of the rugged tablet include a high performance 2D imager, fingerprint reader, 4G LTE, GPS, dual color cameras and much more.

The 3D camera inside the xTablet T8650 is an Intel RealSense R200. With Full HD color and IR depth sensing features, the camera supports a wide variety of exciting new usage applications, especially for businesses who regularly perform dimensioning of certain objects or products.

Intel RealSense R200 3D Camera Technology