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Technology is transforming education both inside and outside of the classroom to create new possibilities for students and education professionals alike.  MobileDemand, the leader in the rugged tablet industry for industries like manufacturing and field work understands what it takes to protect a tablet in harsh working environments because we’ve set the standard in rugged technology!  

We dropped an iPad 1,000 times from over 4 feet high, and then tossed it 35 feet off a roof and it survived!  So we know we can protect a tablet that is repeatedly thrown into a backpack. 

Workforce and Student Health Checks

Schools across the country may be choosing to implement health checks for their employees and students upon entrance to the facility. With MobileDemand’s rugged xTablets, you can quickly conduct and track health checks, all while our rugged xCases keep the device protected. Check out 5 ways our tablets are streamlining health checks.

Apple iPad Cases for Education Microsoft Surface Cases & Bundles for Education

MobileDemand's Focus on Education

We partner with Microsoft® to provide Surface® offerings as well as Apple® to provide iPad® offerings that help inspire new ways of both teaching and learning.  Add rugged xCases to your inventory of Surface or iPad tablets.  Or get them bundled and ready for use with our Surface bundles and iPad bundles – with cases, handles, screen protectors, and accessories pre-assembled by experts in a dust-free environment. 

MobileDemand cares about providing tools for the classroom that work. During extensive user testing with real students at Xavier high school in Cedar Rapids, IA, we used student feedback to help steer our product roadmap.  We’ve improved our existing rugged iPad offering to work better for students, classrooms and teachers with a newly designed folio cover and iPad 9.7” xCase:

Education Folio

  • Designed to work with our new iPad case with both magnetic or a permanently “locked” mechanism for attaching it to the case to help keep it from coming off when being placed in a backpack.
  • Pockets added to the exterior for easy access for faculty and students to see asset tags, student ID, business cards, or even school logos. The magnetic closure helps the education folio to stay shut and activates automatic wake and sleep functionality to help preserve battery life.
  • Tab added to the folio for easier opening.

Rugged iPad 9.7” xCase for Education

  • Newly designed smaller bumpers with a slicker rubber material, our new rugged iPad case is easier to slide in and out of student book bags or backpacks, which makes it easier for students to protect take-home devices.
  • Wider, stretchable loop to ensure the folio cover stays closed for additional screen protection.

Learn more about our products designed for Education.  Or talk to an expert today @ 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com 


  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private school districts
  • Area education agencies


  • Improve workplace and student COVID-19 screenings by easily attaching a thermal camera to our rugged xCases to record and track temperatures upon entering the facility. Other screening measures, such as pulse oximetry and questionnaires about general health, recent travel, or exposure, can be recorded as well.
  • Inspires new ways of teaching and enhancing student engagement
  • Real-time collaboration between students and teachers
  • Connects teachers and students no matter where they are


  • Workplace and student health checks 
  • Presentations
  • Collaborations
  • Reviewing and sharing information
  • Group projects
  • Research
  • Use beyond education - maintenance workers, school store, pair with a lunch payment processing MSR

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