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Because technology is transforming education and creating new possibilities for education professionals, MobileDemand is partnering with Microsoft® to provide Surface® offerings to help inspire new ways of teaching and learning. MobileDemand’s Surface Pro Bundle brings the best tools for teaching and learning together in a Surface Pro, while protecting your investment with MobileDemand’s proven rugged Case for Surface.


  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private school districts
  • Area education agencies


  • Inspires new ways of teaching and enhancing student engagement
  • Real-time collaboration between students and teachers
  • Connects teachers and students no matter where they are
  • Real-time collaboration between students and teachers


  • Presentations
  • Collaborations
  • Reviewing and sharing information
  • Group projects
  • Research

MobileDemand Surface Pro Bundle Features

  • Secure, user-friendly Windows 10®
  • Rugged case protects the Surface Pro from drops
  • Digital Inking capability
  • Thin, light, portable, and powerful
  • Bluetooth and various I/O ports for attaching keyboard, printer and more
  • Secure wireless LAN and WWAN communications
  • Color camera

Case Studies

Sullivan Police Department deploys vehicle-mounted tablets

Sullivan Police Department deploys vehicle-mounted tablets

Sullivan Police Department (Mo.) deploys tablets at a fraction of the cost of previous in-vehicle laptops. Devices are also taken in to the field on certain calls.

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Schertz Motorcycle Police Unit Improves Efficiency and Community and Officer Safety

Schertz Motorcycle Police Unit Improves Efficiency and Community and Officer Safety

xTablets Provide Mission-Critical Data to Schertz Motorcycle Police Unit to Improve Efficiency and Community and Officers Safety.

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Mounting Your iPad is a Snap

Generally the purpose of an iPad® or iPad Pro® is to be mobile, but that’s not always the case. Even though the tablets are incredible  …

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The Case for Rugged Good Looks - For Your iPad or iPad Pro

The iPad. It’s something the entire world has come to know and love. Its sleek, stylish design and incredible computing power has pushed it to the forefront of the tablet world. Yet, as …

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Ultra-Rugged Case for iPad 9.7” Announced by MobileDemand

Ultra-Rugged Case for iPad® 9.7" Announced by MobileDemand

Military-Grade Rugged Case Provides Industry-Leading Functionality and Tablet Protection

Hiawatha, IA – August 28, 2018 – …

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Rugged Microsoft Surface Go Bundle Announced by MobileDemand

Military-Grade Rugged Case for Microsoft® Surface Go Introduced by MobileDemand 

Rugged case provides industry-leading tablet protection, is easy to carry and hold, …

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Title: Do More with Forklift-Mounted Tablets

Content: How should you mount the tablet? How rugged should the device be? How should you power the tablet? Advantages of rugged Windows tablets. And more!

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