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Rugged Tablets for Healthcare Virtual Presence

Patient Virtual Presence Tablet Solution

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare institutions are learning more about how isolation affects patients and how isolation can be challenging for medical staff exposure. A Mobile Patient Virtual Presence Tablet (VPT) can provide better patient outcomes while also reducing medical staff exposure and reducing PPE use.  

A mobile patient VPT includes: 

  • Patient iPad or other tablet, mounted on wheeled carts that can be rolled into a the patient's isolation room. A collaboration software, such as FaceTime, can be used for the patient to virtually communicate to the medical staff and loved ones.  
  • Medical staff iPad or other tablet, with an easel can be used at the nurse's desks to virtually communicate with patients in isolation rooms.  

Patient visitation by family and loved ones is limited at healthcare facilities in order to prevent exposure and the spread of disease. Visitation is not permitted for the vast majority of patients and not allowed at all for COVID-19 patients.  

By utilizing a Patient Virtual Presence Tablet, patients and their families are able to connect and engage, despite visitor restrictions. Additionally, the rugged healthcare iPad case has an adjustable easel that props up the tablet on a patient's tray, providing effortless viewing for patients who are too weak to hold a tablet. The tablet can also be easily mounted on a wheeled cart that can be rolled into the isolation room. This frees the  healthcare staff from having to hold a tablet, which reduces potential exposure. It also preserves protective equipment by reducing the number of times medical staff will enter an isolation room.  

MobileDemand recently deployed 300 healthcare iPad 10.2" cases to Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) faculties including Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to help facilitate patient-family communication.  

DHS Director, Dr. Christona Gahly shared this testament, "The engagement of loved ones during hospitalization has shown to improve clinical outcomes...the generous donations by the Annenberg Foundation and MobileDemand will help support this critical element of our patients’ care.”

Optional Accessories

Request a demo or contact the MobileDemand Sales Team to learn more.  

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Title: A Step-by-Step Guilde to Mounting Rugged Tablets

Content: Ruggedized tablets improve productivity, worker safety, and information flow, but only if configured and mounted correctly.

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