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Rugged Tablets for Retail In-Store

In retail, it’s all about how you connect with customers to keep them coming back. It’s how you turn browsers into buyers. It’s how you transform casual customers into passionate brand advocates. And it’s how you drive more frequent visits and a larger basket size with exceptional customer experiences.

With MobileDemand’s rugged tablets and protective cases for retail, you have immediate access to information that will help you satisfy customers expectations with speed, mobility and efficiency.


  • Stores To keep pace with consumer education and knowledge, retail stores need to excel at providing exceptional customer service. Durable tablets take your store mobile with assisted selling, mobile POS and line busting for a lasting positive impression.
  • Convenience Stores  From the back office to the sales floor, store associates and managers utilize mobile tablets to help make decisions at the point where the work gets done.
  • Garden Center & Nursery  To remain competitive, one of the most low-tech activitiesgrowing plantshas gone high-tech. When gardening season is in full swing, tablets help digging in the dirt be more efficient and organized. The likelihood that tablets may get watered on requires built-in protection that consumer grade devices don't offer.
  • Vending – To run profitable operations, ruggedized tablets and rugged accessories help vending management reallocate attention from stocking levels, inventory turns, obsolete parts and warranties to focusing on providing the best customer experience every day. 


  • Manage supplier relations and maintain a real-time record of merchandise inventory.
  • Recommend product and verify inventory without leaving the customer’s side.
  • Expedite checkout using integrated barcode and RFID scanning.
  • Complete transactions and share promotions with customers based on their shopping history from any location on the retail floor.
  • Secure wireless communication to ensure floor sales staff can perform price lookups and answer customer questions in real time.
  • Access and edit customer account and payment information instantly.
  • Increase customer transactions and loyalty.
  • Manage personnel schedules, assignments and certifications. 
  • Reduce out-of-stocks to meet customer demands


  • Inventory tracking
  • Store operations
  • Line busting
  • Point-of-sale (POS)
  • Promotion tracking
  • Training retailers
  • Account management
  • Staffing management

Product Features

  • Standard, full-screen software applications that run on Microsoft Windows Professional or Android operating systems
  • Intel processing power for graphic and data intensive applications
  • Standard back handstrap and briefcase handle for ease of carry and portbility
  • Front and back cameras for photo documentation
  • Built rugged for drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature exposure
  • Integrated barcode scanner to ensure accurate data collection
  • Secure LAN and WWAN connectivity for real-time communication
  • Various I/O ports for attached external peripherals
  • Bluetooth 4.x - 5.0

Download resource guide

Title: Do More with Forklift-Mounted Tablets

Content: How should you mount the tablet? How rugged should the device be? How should you power the tablet? Advantages of rugged Windows tablets. And more!

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