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Rugged iPad® Bundle by MobileDemand Survives over 1,000 Drops!

Rugged iPad 9.7" Bundle Banner

Guess how many drops our iPad will last - Closest guess wins*

Get your ruggedized iPads here!  With the launch of our NEW Rugged iPad Bundles, we rigged up our drop-test structure at 4-feet high, ready to drop a Rugged iPad 10.5" Bundle as many times as it takes to break it. 

How many times do you think it'll take?  Join us on our quest to learn just how rugged our protective iPad cases are!

Win a FREE Rugged iPad Bundle!*

Submit your guess once per day to win one FREE Rugged iPad 9.7" bundle.

Rugged iPad Bundle

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Starting Tuesday, May 7th, we'll be drop testing an iPad 10.5" tablet in a MobileDemand rugged case to see how many drops it will take to break. Come back every day to see an updated video showing everything! Guess daily to win one FREE 9.7" Rugged iPad Bundle. Comes with an iPad 9.7" tablet, handstrap, briefcase handle, lightning connector port cover, and screen protector.  Will it still work after the last drop? Contest Ended May 10th, 2019

iPad Drop Test - Day 1

iPad Drop Test - Day 2

iPad Drop Test - Day 3

iPad Drop Test - Day 4

*Only one iPad 9.7" outfitted with a rugged iPad 9.7" case and MobileDemand screen protector will be given away.  Closest guess to the total number of drops the iPad survives while still in working condition, without going over, wins.  In the event of multiple matching guesses, the win goes to the person who guessed first (according to submission time-stamp.)  Only one guess allowed per day.  For users guessing multiple times daily, only your first guess will be counted. If we can't get the iPad to break after many hours of attempts, we reserve the right to stop dropping it and have a drawing for all who guessed over the maximum attempted drops in order to award the prize.  Employees of MobileDemand and family members of employees do not qualify. Entering this contest means you agree to receive updates on the contest and other marketing communications from MobileDemand.  Winner will be notified by email and will be featured in a future announcement. Contest ends on 5/10/2019.