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Innovation Announcement! Introducing NEW Magnetic Mounts

Magnet Mounted Tablets – Flexible Mounting Solutions 

To complement a growing line of tablets and cases, MobileDemand announces the launch of its new Magnetic Mounts – Long Snap Rail, Short Snap Rail, and RAM C-BALL options.  Now every tablet or case offered by MobileDemand can be mounted using our NEW magnetic mounts.  Mount your tablet or case quickly and easily with no drilling required!  And MobileDemand is the first to offer integrated mounting solutions like this on its line of rugged tablet cases.  No other manufacturer in the space is innovating cases with mounting options like this. 

Featuring a magnetic base with four very strong rare earth magnets that hold firm to ferrous metals, makes it the perfect solution to hold tight to virtually any industrial manufacturing machine, laboratories, metal beams, metal cabinets, or even wind turbines.  It works on any flat metal surface, so it’s a very flexible solution for many industries.  The magnetic base holds a total max weight of up to 50 lbs (22.7kgs), so it can be trusted to hold a rugged tablet firmly in place for mobile work. 

WARNING: Pinches Fingers! 

Be extremely careful when affixing to or removing these mounts from any metal surface as it can easily injure fingers.  (The magnets are that strong.) The “wings” on each side of the magnetic mount make for easier lifting to remove it from a metal structure, and less likely to pinch hands.  It’s best to carry it by the wings as well to avoid getting your hands between the magnets and any metal surface you may pass on your way to your next job.  For businesses looking to integrate tablets into their on-the-go workforce, this magnetic mounting option offers flexibility and durability in just about any mobile workspace with no need for permanent screws or holes into a metal structure. 

Patented Snap Mount System 

These magnets are designed to be used with our patented snap mount system – as lightweight as docking options come, making it even more flexible.  It features a quick-release mechanism for a fast and easy transition to remove the tablet from the magnetic mount allowing your mobile workforce to quickly carry it wherever their work moves to next. 

Magnet Mount Variations and Choices 

The Long Snap Rail Magnetic Mount works with the Rugged Surface Pro case and the Flex 10A xTablet. 

The Short Snap Rail Magnetic Mount works with the Surface Pro and Surface Go rugged cases, iPad rugged cases, and xTablets T1540, T8650, T1150, A1150, and the T1270. 

The RAM C-BALL Magnetic Mount brings with it more flexible positioning, and works with the Surface Pro and Surface Go rugged cases, iPad rugged cases, and the xTablets T8650, T1150, A1150, and the T1270.  Additional components are needed to connect to the C-BALL, and our rugged experts would be happy to assist with any questions you have. 

The Magnetic Mount is a very flexible way to incorporate tablet use into any mobile business or mobile workforce, and it allows employees to stay productive on the road, in the warehouse, on a machine as well as in many other use cases.  For more information on our magnetic mounts, please visit: 

Magnetic Mount – Short Snap Rail 

Magnetic Mount - Long Snap Rail 

Magnetic Mount  RAM C-BALL 

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