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Mobile Rugged Tools

Digital transformation is thriving throughout manufacturing. Help workers remain productive and efficient.

Industrial Tablets.

Do more with rugged Windows tablets. Real-time insight and data to keep workers productive and efficient.

Rugged Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturers face many challenges and opportunities in a post-pandemic world. Some of those include:

  • Continued workforce shortages despite increasing demand for products
  • Remaking or reimaging the supply chains to move beyond the next disruption
  • Accelerating digital technology installation to evolve into smart factories
  • Maximizing the use of all data to drive ongoing maintenance and provide efficiencies

Since digital transformation is one priority, manufacturers are adopting a more cost-effective mindset and seeking to do more with the hardware and software they purchase. They are also looking to hire talent that can fill the skills gap by utilizing modern technology to help them realize efficiency and improve data tracking with shipping and delivery.

Rugged Tablets

A starting point for manufacturers is using a MobileDemand rugged tablet that can efficiently function across multiple business areas.

  • Increase workstream efficiency and gain value - One tablet with multiple business functions reduces the number of required devices, and Windows OS provides easy integration with apps and enterprise systems. Direct power and hot-swappable battery options allow for continuous work.
  • Expert customization - In-house engineering provides ongoing innovation, especially for tough mobile work solutions, and history of customer-driven innovation results in solutions that the market demands.
  • Multiple uses - Numerous productivity solutions expand tablet use, mounting options, and a patented quick-release snap mount increase the functionality of the tablet and industry-specific enhancements mean an easy all-in-one solution.
  • Mobile ease - Easy to carry and use with a handle and hand strap, point-of-use capabilities cover multiple functions in multiple areas; and go from a fixed workstation to mobile work in seconds with the quick-release mount.

Rugged Cases

Protect your tablet investment with a MobileDemand rugged case solution to optimize productivity.

  • Increase worker productivity - Rugged cases have optional productivity solutions that make doing more with a single device easier. Easy for your IT (Information Technology) to manage since the organization is all on the same operating system.
  • Proven rugged protection – MobileDemand's line of rugged xCases are engineered, built and tested for ultimate protection.
  • Stong partner relationships – MobileDemand engineers innovate by utilizing strong partner relationships with Lenovo, Microsoft Surface and Apple.
  • Mounting options- Numerous mounting options and a quick-release mount increase your tablet’s functionality.
  • Easy to carry - Take your rugged tablet where you need it with an easy-to-carry briefcase handle and backhand strap.

Mobile Dimensioning

Maximize your warehouse operations by utilizing innovative mobile volume dimensioning software with xDIM Mobile Dimensioning.

  • Increase efficiency in shipping and receiving - Eliminates time moving items back and forth for measurement. Increases speed and accuracy over the tape measure and captures product data to save time obtaining and entering later.
  • Reduce labor costs - Accurate measurements mean fewer overage charges. Accurate measurements allow shipping departments to make intelligent parcel or freight decisions avoiding extra costs.
  • Optimize warehouse space - Accurate measurements save money by optimizing warehouse and truck trailer space.
  • Mobile ease and convenience - Easily dimension and weigh boxes in place. Collect and send accurate data to enterprise systems while measuring from a mobile location.

Download our xDIM Mobile Dimensioning white paper

Title: xDIM Mobile. Dimensioning just got easier.

Content: Cutting edge mobile volume dimensioning software allows you to quickly and accurately determine dimensions from anywhere. No need for an expensive stationary dimensioning system – just carry the MobileDemand rugged tablet you use every day to your boxes or truck. Maximize space, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and save money with xDIM™ Mobile.

Case studies

Honda Manufacturing Replaces Rugged Laptops with Rugged Windows Tablets

Honda Transmission Manufacturing replaces poor performing rugged laptops with forklift-mounted rugged Windows tablets.

Manufacturer Relies on Forklift-Mounted Surface Pro

Rimports streamlines inventory operations using rugged Surface Pro tablet on forklifts.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Relies on Rugged Tablets

Steeltek, where deploying Windows 11 rugged tablets revolutionized the way they worked. Productivity and efficiency followed.

Forklift-mounted tablets increase productivity

For warehouses and manufacturing facilities throughout the world including Japs-Olson Co., it’s absolutely vital that they are as efficient as possible.

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