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Military Specs - MIL-STD-810G

What is MIL STD 810G - Military Spec

What is MIL-STD-810G?

The MIL-STD-810 standard is a series of lab tests designed by the United States Military that ensures a piece of equipment, in our case a tablet, is built well enough to perform in harsh environments.

The drop test portion of MIL-STD-810G is what tablet vendors, such as MobileDemand, complete to prove that the device will be fully functional even after enduring a series of drops for a certain height. This certification is credible and applicable across all industries, not just the military.

For every new rugged tablet and rugged case created by MobileDemand, it is subjected to a drop test with the highest standards in the industry. Whereas most rugged tablet vendors will use up to 5 total devices to pass all 26 drops (allowed by MIL-STD-810 standards), MobileDemand uses only 1. This allows engineers to clearly determine the best possible design of the device to withstand the greatest impact. End result is a higher quality product with a longer life in the field.

Additionally, some companies will state "MIL-STD-810G" and not specify a drop height. Be careful if you decide to purchase from those companies as their products may not be as rugged as you think. With all MobileDemand products, we will note the exact drop height and provide video proof.

Why Does MIL-STD-810G Matter?

The important point here is to understand that a MIL spec certification does not necessarily mean that the device could withstand battlefield conditions (meaning “in combat” or “on the frontlines”). That is why consumer devices look radically different from their military and rugged counterparts that have added protection.

These MIL tests, especially the "drop test", are designed to measure the durability of equipment during load/unloading and transportation.

What is a drop test?

26 consecutive drops from specified height

Using only 1 operating unit

Lands once on each corner, face and edge 

Tablet must be fully functional at end of drop test

Tablet must have no significant damage

UAG vs. MobileDemand Surface Pro 4 Drop Test