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MobileDemand Tailgater

With October at its end, Halloween upon us, and football in full swing, what better way is there to celebrate than with a good old-fashioned Tailgater.


Surrounded by great food and even better company, it was a good day to take some time and enjoy a quick break. Several MobileDemand employees brought in their best chili and desserts, filling the building with the wonderful smells of Fall and food. Everyone wore their favorite team jersey or shirt, and there were even a few costumes.

MobileDemand Tailgater


As if the delicious food wasn’t enough, we enjoyed a great game of what we call Cornhole, but it’s often known as Baggo, Bags, or Sack Toss. It’s a game played with bags of corn or beans, and a board with a hole in it. The object of the game is to toss the bags from a distance and get them to stay on the board or fall through the hole. We played, we laughed, we won, and we ate candy. After being rejuvinated, it was back to the commitment of helping our customers find The Right Tablet for the Job.

MobileDemand Employees Enjoy a Day of Food, Fun, and Games


With food, games, and many candy prizes, it was just another day at the office here at MobileDemand. 

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