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Mounting Made Easy for your Rugged Tablet or Rugged Case

Tablet Mounting Solutions for Anyone, Anywhere 

You've invested in a MobileDemand rugged xTablet or a rugged case for your iPad®, iPad Pro®, or Microsoft Surface®. The ability to be mobile is important to our customers, but sometimes it's also important to mount the tablet. That's why we provide mounting options for every tablet and case we offer. Learn about the top 10 questions to consider before mounting your tablet

Snap Mount System

One of our most popular mounting options is MobileDemand's patented snap mount system. Thanks to a snap mount plate that is included on our rugged cases and the majority of MobileDemand rugged tablets, customers can quickly and easily mount their tablets nearly anywhere. Designed for quick release, the snap mount system is the perfect tool if you need your tablet securely mounted in place one moment, but you need to be on-the-go the next. The video below shows just how easy our snap mount system is to use.

Note older generation Flex 10A and Surface Pro cases had longer snap plates and rails. Snap Plate Adapter Kits are available to modify the snap plates on either your old cases or the new cases to adapt to the snap rails.

The snap mount systems can also be used with a magnetic mount. The snap rail is attached to a plate with four strong magnets. This allows the mount to be moved and no need to drill holes through metal panels, equipment, and beams.

Download our mounting white paper

Title: A step-by-step guide to mounting rugged tablets

Forklift Mounts

With the increasing need for companies to handle complex data, be more productive, and keep their data secure, we often get questions about whether a rugged tablet or a tablet in a rugged case can be mounted on a forklift. We asked our Rugged Tablet Experts about the best way to mount a device on a forklift and here is an overview of the top three ways to do it:

  • Upright Post or Roll Cage – This is a very popular way to mount a tablet to the forklift because you can use a 2-bolt clamp which can be placed anywhere from the dash height to the top of the cage. This is preferred by companies who lease their forklifts, as no drilling is required. It also allows for an unobstructed view while keeping the tablet within arms-reach of the operator.
  • Step – This is achieved with larger plates and a 4-bolt pattern. Care needs to be taken to ensure the mesh is strong enough for the weight of the solution and may require some drilling into the step. The tablet can be positioned at eye level or higher, depending on whether the operator is standing or sitting.
  • Forklift Dash – This places the tablet in a location with the least view obstruction; however it requires drilling into the forklift’s dashboard. The tablet is attached to a swing arm for quick movement and adjustment. This type of mounting is the least distracting since the device is off to the side of the operator.
  • Power Supply Kits

MobileDemand offers many options, including vibration-resistant tablet solutions that can be mounted directly to the forklift, powered via the fork truck battery, and can connect to peripherals such as handheld scanners or full keyboards. Some of our tablets include the ability to enhance the Wi-Fi connection by utilizing an external antenna, and there several power options available, including wiring the tablet dock to the fork truck battery or using XL battery packs.

The size of the RAM base (ball) and arm are a factor as well. The C-sized base (1.5in) may be used, however the larger D-sized base (2.25in) may be required for heavier duty applications.

Vehicle Mounts

We have customers in field service, transportation, law enforcement, public safety, and the food and beverage industries who use a tablet while they are out in the field. By adding a mounting option in their vehicle, they were able to increase their productivity. These mounts use MobileDemand's patented snap mount system so it's quick and easy to be on-the-go again in a matter of seconds.

Here's an example of how easy it can be to install a vehicle mount:

Interested in a mounting a rugged tablet or rugged case but just not sure which one is right for you? Contact one of our experts at 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com and they will help you find the right tool for the job.