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Mounting Solutions

Tablet Mounting Solutions for Anyone, Anywhere

MobileDemand xTablets and xCases offer the flexibility to be mobile and mountable. Our patented Snap Mount system enables secure mounting nearly anywhere. Whether it's a wall, desk, cart, vehicle or forklift, we have a solution to meet your mounting requirements including mounting solutions for Microsoft Surface, iPad, Lenovo and Samsung tablets.

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We Make Mounting a Snap!

Our patented quick-release Snap Mount Plate pairs with RAM Mounts' substantial eco-system of rugged and versatile mounting solutions to enable tablet mounting nearly anywhere. The Snap Plate comes standard on all xCases and nearly all xTablets.

Forklift Mount

Mounting a tablet safely and securely on a forklift is one of our most popular requests. We offer non-powered and powered options utilizing a variety of docks and power supply kits tailored to each device and forklift voltage. Heavy duty RAM® components can be fully articulated and provide an incredibly strong support needed for life on the road or warehouse floor. Keyboard mounts and rugged keyboards are available for even more production capabilities.

Get started by downloading our Forklift Mounting Guide.

Magnetic Mount

The industrial strength Magnetic Mount provides a safe, secure and versatile mounting solution for MobileDemand's rugged tablets and cases without having to drill holes. Designed with powerful magnets that securely mount to any magnetic metals found throughout the facility including metal wides, sides of machinery and vehicles.

Magnetic Mount can support up to approximately 50 pounds

Stationary Mount

From POS stations and counters to work areas and carts, a stationary mount keeps your device secure yet easily mobile when needed.

No-Drill Vehicle Mount

The rugged base attaches securely to the passenger seat floor bolt providing a convenient, easy-to-install, no-drill solution. A double socket arm provides full articulation for precise tablet positioning. The Quick Release Snap Rail allows the tablet to be easily inserted and removed from the mount for quick transitions from mounted to mobile.

Powered Docks


T1190, T1110*



Whether mounting in a vehicle or forklift, powered docks provide an array of ports that allow the connection of a wide range of peripherals, including keyboards, barcode scanners, GPS, and other serial port based devices.

  1. Audio - Speaker & Mic
  2. USB 3.0 (2)
  3. Ethernet RJ45 (1)
  4. DisplayPort (1)
  5. HDMI (1)
  6. Video Graphics Array - VGA (1)
  7. RS232 Serial Ports (2)
    One port powered on pin 9

*Easel Kit required to mount xTablets T1110 and T1690.

Keyboards and Power Supplies

Expand production capabilities even further with a variety of keyboard mounting options.
Power supply kits are designed to pair our tablets and xCase devices to the specific power output of various forklifts and vehicles.