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Adopt Paperless Patient Check-In with Rugged Tablets

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are adjusting operations to ensure safe practices. Whether it's a traditional clinic or an alternative care site dedicated for COVID-19 testing, one of the most common practices being adopted is paperless patient check-in and registration using rugged tablets.

Here are seven benefits to consider when transitioning to paperless patient check-in with rugged tablets:

1. Patient Registration

Automate patient check-in registration, gather insurance information, and collect health history with a rugged tablet to improve speed and patient experience. Streamline patient intake by replacing paper forms on clipboards while avoiding costly and error-prone transcriptions and decreasing risk of disease transmission.

2. Payment

Rugged tablets can take copayments when outfitted with the latest, secure and encrypted credit card reading swipe in chip readers.

3. Promote Social Distancing 

Patients awaiting testing need to maintain at least six feet of distance from one another, per CDC guidelines. With the mobility of a tablet, healthcare staff can collect patient information while social distancing.

4. Rugged

Each of our rugged tablet cases are made with protective plastic and rubber bumpers on each corner to ensure the device's safety, even when dropped. Be rest assured that the device will not be affected by the impact or shock of a drop, and is protected from liquid spills and dust.

5. Mobile and Lightweight

Utilizing tablets enables healthcare workers to be completely mobile. With our lightweight, rugged cases, workers won't be weighed down by the device, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Plus, our cases include a back hand strap, allowing workers to comfortably hold the tablet in the palm of their hands, as well as a briefcase carrying strap for added mobility.

6. Large Screen 

The large screen will make it easier for patients to see the screen to answer the questionnaires, and our rugged cases do not obstruct the screen's visibility.

Even after we make it through this pandemic, healthcare systems will be able to easily implement rugged tablets into their operations increasing efficiency and productivity. For more information, check out our industry page for healthcare.

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