MobileDemand promises to be your trusted partner in innovative mobile enterprise computing by providing productivity through better uptime and long-term value. You'll get more done faster, and grow your business with MobileDemand. Our efforts have resulted in issued patents and pending patent applications for our products. 

Innovation everywhere. Productivity anywhere.

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T8400 Full Tablet Modules VMT1 Holder Printer Mount: US Patent No. 7,997,819 B1.

T8600 Full Tablet Modules VMT6 Holder: US Patent No. 8,144,456 B1.

T8400 Tablet Cooling Platform VMT3 VDock: US Patent No. 8,496,213 B1.

T7000 Full Tablet Modules VMT10 VDock QWERTY: US Patent No. 8,775,710 B1.

Wireless Charging and Snap Mount Full Apparatus: US Patent No. 9,785,204 B1.

Other patents pending.