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Rugged Surface Bundles

Ready-to-deploy ruggedized Microsoft Surface tablets

We’ve blown the lid off Surface device productivity. Achieve more with a variety of MobileDemand bundled solutions. Simply select which tablet you want and our team of technicians will go to work applying a high-strength screen protector and assembling your choice of ultra rugged xCase. We prepare and ship your completed bundle so you can hit the ground running with the ultimate Surface protection and productivity. Surface Pro 8 Base Bundle now available.


The xCase is backward compatible and will fit many Surface products, past and present. If you own an older device it’s never too late to give it the rugged protection it deserves. See the charts below for a complete list of devices compatible with the rugged xCase for Surface.

xCase for Surface Pro 8
Compatible model8

xCase for Surface Pro
455 LTE677+

xCase for Surface Go
GoGo 2Go 3


With all the features and add-on productivity tools the question is, what can’t it do? Achieve more with the hardest working case on the market.

These amazing productivity tools are offered as a stand alone xCase or in our Bundle solution.

Bundles = Ready-to-deploy, fully assembled Surface tablet with screen protector installed in our rugged xCase.

Surface Pro 8 Base xCases, Bundles and POS brackets available for purchase. No other Add-on features are available or currently in development.


Available in Surface Pro and Go Bundles only.

Incorporating Honeywell’s® best-in-class barcode scanner with our Surface bundle offers greater range, quick scan speeds, and the ability to read a vast array of barcodes – meeting the demands of fast paced industries with higher operational volumes. Coupled with the unparalleled protection of MobileDemand’s rugged xCase, we provide a solution frontline workers need to achieve more.


Available in Surface Pro and Go Bundles only.

The seamless integration of reliable, secure MagTek® MSR technology with MobileDemand’s xCase for Surface provides unparalleled protection and productivity for the mobile workforce. Employees equipped with the MSR Combo bundle have the mobility they need to interact with patrons and patients alike - decreasing wait times and speeding up transactions to elevate engagement and customer experience.


Available in Surface Pro and Go Cases and Bundles

Transform your Surface tablet into a rugged mobile POS tool with MobileDemand’s payment module bracket combo bundle. Our team of engineers continue to develop an array brackets designed to fit an ever expanding line of modules on the market today, including the iSMP4 (device sold separately.) Contact our sales team today to discuss your specific needs.


Available in Surface Pro and Go Cases and Bundles

Powered by your choice of the Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D415 or RealSense Depth Camera D455 with 3D depth sensing. The rugged 3D Camera Combo Bundle increases productivity in various industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and more. Our sales team is here to help you determine what camera works best for you.


Our Standard and Premium accessory options

Some amazing accessories are provided with every rugged Bundle, but if you are looking for more functionality or anticipate utilizing a keyboard we suggest the Premium option. In addition to the Standard accessories your Base Bundle will be equipped with an adjustable easel, stylus holder and tether.

NOTE: Base Bundles available with both Standard or Premium accessory options. Combo Bundles are offered with Standard accessory option only.

Base Bundle
ARugged xCase
BSurface Tablet
CScreen Protector

Accessory Options
Standard AccessoriesPremium Accessories
DBriefcase Handle HAdjustable Easel
ESnap MountIStylus Holder
FType Cover LoopJStylus Tether
GBack Hand Strap

Rugged Bundle for Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Pro 8 Base Model

MobileDemand’s rugged Surface Pro or Surface Pro 8 Base Bundle includes your choice of Pro tablet with strengthened glass screen protector applied and installed into our ultra-durable xCase. We do the dirty work so you can hit the ground running with our out-of- the-box solution. Choose between Standard and Premium accessory options. For expanded Surface Pro productivity see our rugged combo bundles below.

Surface Pro 7+



Surface Pro 8



Rugged Surface Go Base Bundle

MobileDemand’s rugged Surface Go Base Bundle includes tablet with strengthened glass screen protector applied and installed into our ultra-durable xCase. We do the dirty work so you can hit the ground running with our out-of-the-box solution. Choose between Standard and Premium accessory options. For expanded productivity see our rugged combo bundles below.

Surface Go



Barcode Scanner Combo Bundle for Surface

Rugged Surface protection along with best-in-class Honeywell® barcode scanner combine to offer the ultimate mobile productivity tool. Perfect for retail and warehousing industries.

Magstripe Reader Combo Bundle for Surface

Turn your Surface device into a mobile integrated MSR case increasing productivity and customer engagement.

Barcode Scanner + Magstripe Reader Combo Bundle for Surface

Next generation of rugged Surface bundle incorporates a best-in-class Honeywell® barcode scanner and MagTek® magnetic stripe reader (MSR).

Payment Bracket Combo Bundle for Surface

Turn your device into a mobile POS productivity tool with a connected payment module bracket. Designed for the Ingenico iSMP4 payment module, but fully customizable for other leading brands. Contact us about available brackets to meet your specific needs.

Payment Bracket + Barcode Scanner Combo Bundle for Surface

Featuring a high performance Honeywell barcode scanner with mobile POS module bracket. Take the productivity of your Surface tablet to new heights. Contact us about available brackets to meet your specific needs.

3D Camera Combo Bundle for Surface

Designed to connect the most advanced 3D cameras to the Surface device. The rugged and now productive case is used in various industries today including warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and more.


The proven rugged, Microsoft certified xCase from MobileDemand offers ultimate protection for Surface devices. The xCase is engineered to endure rigorous military drop testing and must pass our stringent, rugged standards. We put confidence in your hands with the most durable case on the market.


Raised rubber corner bumpers are engineered to absorb impacts and provides exceptional protection for all edges and screen.


Extreme durability is made possible by the combination of a PC/ABS hard plastic outer shell and inner silicone rubber boot that fully encases the Surface device. The unique impact absorbing rubber corner bumpers buffer all surfaces from damage.Rubber port seals offer an additional level of protection from dust and water.


Achieve more with MobileDemand’s ingenious xCase for Surface.
Our xCase goes far beyond just rugged protection. It’s a useful, flexible, expandable, productivity enhancing tool for Surface devices.


Every xCase comes with a convenient easy carry briefcase handle. Having the ability to safely transport your Surface tablet throughout the day helps eliminate accidental drops. Mounting tabs are designed so that the briefcase handle can be attached for both horizontal and vertical applications.


Fatigue can quickly creep in during the work day. The back hand straps elastic bands hold securely yet comfortably, eliminating the strain that comes from holding a tablet for extended periods of time. Additional features include the versatile snap mount rail for secure mounting options and sealed ports for added protection. Premium Base Bundle accessories include an easel and stylus holder with tether for added convenience.


Take advantage of rugged Surface 2-in-1 capabilities thanks to MobileDemand’s clever snap wall design that offers complete device protection when attached. For keyboard use simply detach the snap wall to convert the Surface device into a rugged laptop and reattach for 360º protection when keyboard is removed.


Mounting is a snap with MobileDemand’s quick release snap mount system. Allows safe and secure mounting for the toughest applications including warehousing, manufacturing, construction, logistics, and so much more. Built rugged to survive the everyday bumps and bruises common to forklifts, vehicles and delivery trucks.


The rugged Surface Bundle includes your choice of our anti-glare or chemically-strengthened glass screen protector, applied by MobileDemand installation experts in a dust-controlled environment. Adding another level of protection from scratches, smudges and chips increases durability and extends the lifetime of the Surface tablet.


MobileDemand’s rugged xCase allows Surface devices to reach new industries not possible before.

Microsoft Surface Authorized Reseller

The Microsoft Surface Authorized Reseller program was created to empower partners, such as MobileDemand, to resell Surface devices to commercial customers as part of their overall customer solution offering. Surface resellers are an innovative partner ecosystem that sell Surface devices and accessories to enterprise customers of all sizes.

To qualify to become a reseller, a business must have a focused device practice along with sales and technical teams with Windows expertise and extensive experience working with commercial customers.

MobileDemand is certified to resell the Surface Pro 4, 5, 6, 7,7+, 8 and Surface Pro 5 with LTE, the Surface Go, Surface Go 2, and Surface Go 3 along with various warranties and accessories.

Our xProtect coverage protects your tablets from accidental damage, product defects, wear and tear, failures and any other damage that occurs when the tablet is used for what it was designed for in your real-world work environment.