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3-Year Microsoft Complete for Business - Surface Go

Stay productive with extended protection and accidental coverage for your Surface Go, plus unlimited software support—all in one. The Microsoft Complete for Business extends the protection of the device to include accidental damage protection (drops, spills, power surges, etc.). This service plan covers the device for 3 years from date-of-purchase.

This warranty only applies to the tablet that is purchased in the Surface Go bundle. This does NOT apply to the Surface Go rugged case.

Warranty service and repair is performed by Microsoft. Please direct calls to Microsoft for all warranty requests.

Microsoft Complete for Business Terms and Conditions  Warranty Comparison


Damage protection
Accidents happen, and that’s okay. With Complete, you get two years of accidental damage protection—even from drops and spills, from the moment your device is shipped.

Extended service
Complete covers your device from hardware defects or malfunctions for two full years from date of purchase.

Unlimited software support and training
Complete includes valuable Answer Desk services to keep your device running smoothly. It also comes with Advanced PC Tune-Up and Virus Removal and Protection, plus as many in-store personal Answer Desk training sessions you need.

Plan Basics
Devices Covered Surface Go tablet
Warranty Coverage 3 years from original purchase date of the equipment
Warranty Activation

Can be purchased up to 45 days from date of device purchase

Hardware Exchange Timeline

3-5 business days

Manufacturing Defects for the Surface, Power Supply and Battery


*Advanced Exchange (not available in all countries)


Surface Set-Up Support

3 years 

**Accidental Damage Protection (Coverage for drops, spills, power surges, etc.)


*Advanced Exchange entitles customers to receive a replacement device prior to returning their non-functional device to Microsoft. The customer needs to
return their non-functional device to Microsoft within 15 business days. If not, the customer will be charged for the device. Advanced Exchange is only
available for In Warranty replacements.

**Maximum 2 claims for Accidental Damage. Does not cover units that have been knowingly tampered with by the user (opening of the device housing).

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