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Long Rail Snap Mount

MobileDemand's patented Snap Mount is as lightweight as docking options come. The mount is sturdy and durable like all of MobileDemand's products and takes only minutes to install. The Snap Mount works with the Snap Mount plate found on the back of MobileDemand's first generation Flex series rugged tablets or first generation of Surface Pro cases, and features a quick-release mechanism for fast transition from wall to desk to vehicle to field operations.

Standard Snap Mount includes:

  • Snap Mount rail
  • Support plate with C-size RAM ball
  • Stablilizing zip ties and anchors

Additional products may be needed to mount it in a vehicle.

For expert advice on mounting please call 319.363.4121 or email Sales@mobiledemand.com.

Not compatible with MobileDemand iPad rugged cases.

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