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Snap Plate Adapter Kits

In an effort to enhance and improve our rugged products, we've redesigned a new, more compact quick release snap mount system. To add functionality between the original system and the new design, we've developed cross-compatibility adapter plates.

A The original snap mount design consisted of a taller, 4-hole plate and quick release snap mount rail. 

B The new design functions exactly the same as the original, but now employs a shorter, more compact, 6-hole plate and snap mount rail.

C A short plate adapter for those wanting to configure previously purchased tablets and cases to work with the new shorter snap mount systems.

D Conversely, A tall snap plate adapter is designed for existing customers wanting to retrofit newly purchased tablets and cases to be compatible with their current inventory of original 4-hole, tall snap mount systems.

Every scenario is different. Call one of our rugged experts today to help determine which option is right for you. 319.363.4121 or sales@mobiledemand.com 

Choose configuration: Short Plate Adapter Kit -
Short Plate Adapter Kit
Long Plate Adapter Kit


Tablets and cases offered before 2016, primarily Flex 10/Flex 10A and Surface Pro 4 Cases, included our patented snap mount system. This original design consisted of a long snap mount plate (4-hole pattern) that connected the case to a long snap mount rail (receiving end). See chart below for complete model list.

Snap Mount Design (tall) 

Affected models   

Snap Mount Design (short)

Affected models
Original Flex 10A T8650
Original Surface Pro 4 Case T1150/A1150
Flex 10 T1180/A1180
Flex 8 T1270
Flex 8A T1540
Surface 3 Case Surface Go Case
New Surface Pro Case
All iPad Cases
New Flex 10A / Flex 10A with Android
All newly designed cases and tablets

Existing customers upgrading to newer devices may have an inventory of the original (tall) snap mount system. The adapter plate would be a perfect solution to retrofit the newer devices to be compatible with their existing snap mount.

Customers with devices prior to 2016 that do not have a large inventory of snap mounts may want to utilize the new (short) snap mount system. Installing the adapter plate would be ideal for making those older devices compatible with the new snap mounts.

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