Rugged Multi-Tasking Tablets to Save Your Quick Serve Restaurant

QSR leaders who successfully pivoted to off-premises dining know one thing: Mobile POS saved the day – and not just any handheld device will do. Drive thru and walk-up line busters need reliable technology to increase throughput and deliver a seamless customer experience. When a mobile POS tablet is in the rain, dropped, or used in extreme temperatures, it has to survive and perform. In come rugged tablets.

MobileDemand offers rugged devices to fit any mobile application need.

Handheld POS?  Check.

High-tech ordering app?  Check.

Geolocation?  Check.

Inventory and safety tracking?  Check.

Contactless ordering?  Check.

Discover the rugged and reliable mobile solution ready to save your day. Timing is essential to your customers – and to your success.

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