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Premium Customer Experience

Keep lines moving, reduce risk of tablet damage due to drops or inclement weather and provide safe and secure transactions by using MobileDemand’s point-of-sales solutions.

Premium Customer Experience.

Restaurants require meticulous organization, skillful planning and extreme levels of flexibility. Rugged tablets and cases reduce errors and streamline efficiencies impacting the bottom line.

Rugged Solutions for Restaurants



  • Provide teams with the mobility to effectively manage food preparation, inventory levels, customer orders, and payments while adding value to product offerings and service quality.


  • Speed up orders, reduce unwanted errors, and allow for quick decisions that impact the company’s bottom line.

Barcode Imaging

  • Integrated barcode imaging enhances both inventory and supply ordering while also enabling loyalty cards and coupon scanning from a single device.

Payment Modules

  • Fully integrated payment modules — The ultra-versatile reader accepts the most popular payment methods — from conventional plastic to mobile wallets. Delivers contactless/NFC and EMV chip card and magnetic stripe capabilities packaged with a sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-carry mobile tablet.

Payment Module Brackets

  • Allows restaurants to configure mobile point-of-sale solutions from a variety of rugged devices equipped with a choice of payment bracket. The brackets are designed to fit popular payment modules and conveniently rotate 180-degrees allowing customers to enter personal information.

Other Applications

  • Manage food safety, capture data such as inventory tracking, staff management, training and onboarding while tracking overall restaurant operations and tasks.

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Title: Mobile Point of Sale - Restaurant - 6 brilliant ways to serve your customer and make a profit

Content: Mobile POS solutions make it easy for restaurants to serve their guests inside, outside, or curbside and eliminate lines despite having fewer staff. Rugged solutions provide quick, safe and secure cashless transactions at the point of interactions.