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Changing Retail Experience

New ways to shop, sell, pay and experience.

Retail Experience.

Consumers demand faster and simpler ways to make purchases. Placing rugged tablets and protective cases at the front lines of your store enables transactions to occur at the point of purchase, all while keeping the device safe.

Rugged Solutions for Retail

Customers want a no-hassle experience across digital and in-store retail. They want retailers to personalize their experience while at the same time keeping their data private and safe. As shopping habits evolve, customers now expect retailers to utilize omnichannel tools allowing them to buy in-store as well as online and picking up or returning at the store.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions

  • End long customer lines with a quicker way to pay
  • Integrate safe, sleek and secure credit card technology
  • Provide customers with available inventory at point of sale
  • Mobility gives your sales team a larger footprint to engage with more customers both in-store and through digital channels

Key Advantages of Mobile POS with a Rugged Tablet

Increase Reach

  • Eliminate long customer waits with line busting or take your POS solution to outdoor tents, sidewalks, the sales floor, parking lot events and more.

Increase Conversions

  • Increase sales and personalize service by assisting customers with product information, availability and delivery dates during face-to-face interactions.

Safe and Secure

  • Customers want their data protected and their privacy secure. Utilize a POS solution that is designed for better transaction security, easier record keeping and greater customer satisfaction.

Ease of Expansion

  • Mobile point-of-sale devices are lowervcost than traditional checkout andvpayment options, allowing faster implementation with minimal investment.

Easy to Carry and Hold

  • Fatigue can quickly become a factor during the workday. Our mobile point-of-sale devices are equipped with an easy carry briefcase handle and back hand strap that allow a safe, secure and comfortable grip.

Mobile POS and Automated Options: First Step in Your Omnichannel Customer Solution

  • Magtek tDynamo and T1190 is an all-in-one fully integrated mobile POS solution.
  • Payment Module Brackets - Build your mobile point-of-sale solution from a variety of MobileDemand brackets that support several leading POS modules.
  • Add an integrated Barcode Reader to your rugged tablet and POS solution to view and track inventory, streamline order tracking, manage customer loyalty programs and communicate with customers.

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Title: 9 brilliant ways to focus on the retail customer experience with multi-function rugged tablets

Content: Retail customers are expecting a great experience both in-store and through your digital sites. They want it to be easy to order, pickup or get delivered and return items. This content provides omnichannel solutions.