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Request more information on rugged tablets:

MobileDemand Accolades

How many drops can an iPad® survive in a MobileDemand rugged case?

We dropped an iPad from over 4 feet to see how many times it could survive.  After 1,000 consecutive drops, we gave up. 

In an effort to learn what it takes to break one protected by a rugged Case, we took it to the roof instead!  Did it break?  Watch to find out.

Our rugged iPad cases easily protect your iPad whether you're working outside, in a warehouse, or sitting at a desk. 

  • Proven rugged
  • Easy to carry with a briefcase handle
  • Easy to hold with the back hand strap
  • Mountable on just about anything

Rugged xCase

for iPad 9.7"

Rugged xCase

for iPad Pro or iPad Air 10.5"

Rugged xCase

for iPad Pro 11"

Rugged xCase

for iPad Mini

iPad 9.7 rugged case  iPad 10.5
Ipad 11-inch
iPad Mini
See it Now!  See it Now!  See it Now!  See it Now! 



iPad Bundles also available with iPad, rugged case, and screen protector pre-installed!