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Rugged xCase and Bundle for iPad

Proven rugged protection and productivity for iPad®

The xCase provides confidence to put your iPad to work in places you've never thought possible. Available for multiple iPad models, the xCase boats convenient features including the easy-easy briefcase handle and back hand strap along with the patented snap mount plat for unlimited mounting options.

The Bundle is a rugged out-of-the-box solution for select iPads. Simply select your tablet and our team of experts apply a strengthened glass screen protector and fully install the iPad into the xCase for a hassle-free experience.

Each xCase is backward compatible with several iPad model releases. If you own an older device, it's never too late to give it the rugged protection it deserves. Download the xCase for iPad Compatibility Chart to find the right case for you.


iPad Mini 8.3-inch

iPad 9.7-inch Standard Version

iPad 10.2-inch

iPad 9.7-inch Education Version

iPad Pro 11-inch

iPad Pro and Air 10.5-inch

  • iPad Pro 11
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad 10.2


  • Fast, worry free deployment of devices
  • Professional screen protector and rugged case installation
  • Field-ready (just add your software)
  • Optional preapplied asset tag labels
  • MobileDemand is your one-stop shop for tablets, warranties, accessories, xCase, screen protectors, mounting and more.


The rugged protection gives you confidence you can put your iPad to work, wherever the work needs to be done.


From frontline workers to students, users need extended functionality over mere drop protection. The ability to mount your iPad in an array of locations including vehicles, counters, walls, tripods, or other surfaces puts the xCase in a league of its own.


Achieve more with MobileDemand's ingenious xCase for iPad. Our xCase goes far beyond just rugged protection. It's a useful, flexible, expandable, productivity enhancing tool.


The xCase features a briefcase hand for easy and convenient device carrying while on the move, helping to prevent accidental drops. Mounting tabs are designed so that the briefcase handle can be attached for both horizontal and vertical orientations.


Along with the easy-carry briefcase handle is the back hand strap. The ergonomic, glove-fitting strap enables users to easily hold the iPad in their palm while actively using the device.


For additional functionality each xCase comes equipped with various mounting hole inserts to accommodate several add-on tools. From easels, stylus holders, protective folios and more, this clever case is designed to expand to meet the needs of users.


A PC/ABS hard plastic outer shell, inner silicone rubber boot and corner bumpers combine to give the iPad exceptional protection. Each case design is tested to meet MIL-STD-810G ruggedness, meaning it must survive a series of drops to every side and surface from a defined height, a total of 26 times.

We tested the limits of one such iPad, subjecting it to the MIL-STD-810G drop test not once, but FIVE times from increasing heights! The iPad functioned flawlessly after testing from 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet for a total of 130 drops to all sides and surfaces to a single device.


Raised rubber corner bumpers are engineered to absorb impacts and provides exceptional protection for all edges and screen.


MobileDemand's rugged xCase offers unmatched iPad protection and opens the door to exciting new possibilities.

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