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MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PCs Now Class 1 Division 2 Certified

xTablet T1600 and xTablet T1200 rugged tablet PCs are now available as non-incendive tablets, certified for hazardous working environments throughout the United States and Canada.

Hiawatha, IA - February 18, 2014.  MobileDemand, a global provider of rugged tablet PCs to industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, field service, and more, has announced that the popular xTablet T1600 and xTablet T1200 are now Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified.

rugged windows tablet pc c1d2 oil gas manufacturingThis certification covers usage in areas where combustible gases such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Ethylene, and Propane (Groups A-D) are present abnormally. If an accidental discharge happens, you can rest assured that our C1D2 tablets will not emit any electrical arcs or sparks, nor have any hot surfaces that will cause those gases to explode.  Designed to keep your workers safe, our tablets are sealed, rugged, and low temperature.

The C1D2 versions of the xTablet T1600 and xTablet T1200 come with one certified configuration which includes a full Windows Professional operating system, integrated numeric keypad, premium barcode scanner, and high-performance Intel processors. Equipped with 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, along with the option for 4G LTE, these rugged tablets are the ultimate productivity and efficiency tool for your operations.  A full suite of I/O ports, docking contacts, office docks, and vehicle docks are available for use in non-hazardous environments.

“The great part about deploying a full Windows OS is there is no need to invest in custom middleware software or applications. The tablets are built from the ground up to support native Windows software solutions, saving you money on the deployment,” said Jon Rasmussen, Senior Director of Product Management and R&D. “That, along with the new C1D2 certifications, is a huge incentive for oil and gas companies, manufacturers, and others, to deploy rugged tablets to boost their operational productivity.”

For more information on the C1D2 rugged tablets, request a demo below, or contact one of our MobileDemand mobility experts at 319.363.4121.

rugged windows tablet c1d2 class 1 division 2 oil gas



Updated 12/13/2017.

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