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PeopleNet Chooses MobileDemand for its Portable Onboard Computing System

xTablet T7000 Delivers Driver Efficiency and Improves Cash Flow

MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationHIAWATHA, IA, June 22, 2011 — MobileDemand, the nation’s leading provider of Rugged Tablet PCs to the transportation industry announced today that PeopleNet has chosen the MobileDemand xTablet T7000 for the PeopleNet TABLET™ integrated onboard computing and mobile communications system for next generation fleet management.  PeopleNet, the leading provider of innovative and integrated onboard fleet management systems, holds an exclusive agreement with MobileDemand and has begun taking delivery of thousands of MobileDemand xTablet T7000 Rugged Tablet PCs to offer its own customer base a way to improve driver efficiency and speed the accounting cycle.

The xTablet T7000 provides the Intel® processing power and functionality of a notebook, the full Microsoft Windows® operating system of a Tablet PC and the portability of a handheld device.  With IP65, MIL-STD 810G certification, it is also built to withstand even the harshest environment.  A combination of the right form, fit and function made the MobileDemand xTablet a winning platform for PeopleNet’s TABLET system designed to optimize operational efficiency and give its customers an edge over the competition.

“To gain a competitive advantage, firms are looking at systems such as the TABLET to meet the demand for faster workflow, improved cash flow and increased driver efficiency,” says PeopleNet Vice President of Product Management Matt Voda.  “Some fleets are seeing TABLET as an opportunity to replace their current technology with an open Windows 7-based platform that offers longevity and optional portability.  Others see TABLET’s arrival as the right time to adopt technology for the first time.  They are impressed with the built-in, time-saving features and the additional cost-saving efficiencies that integration with the back office offers,” Voda continues.

The PeopleNet TALBET can be securely mounted in a truck cab and runs all of the powerful PeopleNet applications.  At a stop, it can be removed from the dock and used as a mobile computer to access customer histories, view and change orders, capture customer signatures as proof-of-delivery, and photograph damaged goods for cargo claims. 

“The Rugged Tablet PC  from MobileDemand is the ideal computer for the PeopleNet TABLET.  It has the processing power to run all of our performance-enhancing applications including Automatic Vehicle Location and Vehicle Management, eDriver Logs, In-Cab Navigation, Automated Messaging and Speed Monitoring; everything fleet managers need to improve performance, cash-flow and give them an advantage over the competition,” says Voda.

Some of the specific workflow and cash-flow advantages provided include:

  • Optional built-in bar code scanning speeds data collection and improves accuracy
  • Built-in camera to photograph damaged goods and expedite replacement for improved customer service and faster billing
  • Access to DVIRs giving maintenance managers visibility to potential problems and ensure driver compliance
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for faster downloads and access to hot spots to save on communication costs
  • Built-in signature capture for proof of delivery, faster invoicing and shorter Day Sales Outstanding
  • GPS to enable in-cab navigation and eliminate out-of-route miles to reduce fuel costs
  • Support for in-cab printing for reduced out-of-route miles and timely management of documents
  • Hard mount and docking station options for in-cab and mobile use

“PeopleNet is just the kind of company we enjoy working with.  It’s taken our xTablet T7000, a best-in-class product in its own right and layered on its dynamic application suite and value-added services to provide an industry leading fleet management solution that improves performance, work-flow, cash flow and gives its customers a competitive edge,” says MobileDemand President Matt Miller.  “Early sales success indicates that PeopleNet truly understands the needs of its market and develops systems to address them,” Miller concludes.


About MobileDemand

MobileDemand is the nation’s leading provider of rugged tablet computers used in the transportation industry to improve operational efficiency and allow mobile workers to access the critical information they need to make better business decisions at the point of customer interaction.  MobileDemand xTablets are used by mobile workers in many other industries including Food and Beverage Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Field Service, Agriculture, Utilities, Military and Public Sector.  MobileDemand xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs provide ultra-mobility and versatility and are built military rugged to withstand harsh environments.  They offer a high resolution, all-light visibility touch screen, functionality of a full Microsoft Windows 7 OS and the power of an Intel processor to deliver performance at a lower cost and enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field. Additional information is available at www.RuggedTabletPC.com.

About PeopleNet

PeopleNet is exclusively focused on providing innovative Internet-based and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems to improve North America’s trucking industry’s fleet management.  Its products are used by nearly1,500 truckload, LTL, private, and service fleets in the United States and Canada, including several Fortune 500 companies.  Reputed for its customer-driven technological innovation, unparalleled flexibility, and proactive customer care, PeopleNet was the first major technology provider to offer Internet-based communications to the transportation industry 15 years ago.  Since then, the company annually reinvests 100 percent of its profits into the business for aggressively developing new products that continue to improve fleet management.  Industry recognition of the company’s leadership includes: Inbound Logistics Top 100 Award; Food Logistics’ 100 Top Technology Solutions and Service Providers; Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Award; and M2M Value Chain Award. For more information about PeopleNet and its products, visit www.peoplenetonline.com.

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