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Why Go Rugged? Rugged Means No Compromise

From Field Technologies Online Magazine's article from Bob Zink, MobileDemand VP of Sales and Marketing: When companies come to us seeking a solution, they’re looking for more than the typical specifications of rugged tablet computers. Many are looking for a rugged mobile bob zink mobiledemand rugged tablet pc field technologiestablet platform that addresses multiple line-of-business applications. They also need innovative mobility solutions that improve work processes to significantly impact productivity, customer service, and operational cost. To them, rugged is more than just a drop or sealing specification; it means providing all the right tools in one platform with a consistent level of performance to deliver business innovation that achieves near 100% uptime.

Download entire issue of Field Technologies magazine "5 Reasons To Go Rugged".

For many companies, rugged also means flexibility for use as a mobile computing platform that works across many applications, such as service and repair, inspections, warehouse operations, inventory, asset management, field sales, and proof-of-delivery. Using one tablet PC platform across multiple applications provides significant leverage to the business in areas such as up-front cost with greater purchasing power, implementation with fewer training variables, and ongoing support efficiencies.

In addition, rugged means the ability to adapt to various operating conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, dust, concrete, water, and many other factors you run into with both indoor and outdoor environments. It also means the devices can be used with a wide array of specialized peripherals, accessories, and software that many line-of-business applications require.

Don’t Compromise SecurityWith Your Mobile Device Selection

rugged tablet pc field service inspectionsChallenges related to security, open architecture, and connectivity with Apple iOS and Android OS tablets are welldocumented. Businesses that choose non-rugged devices make additional compromises due to the products not having all the features required, inhibiting their ability to achieve the full impact across the entire enterprise. Return on investment and long-term value will not be fully realized over time due to the cost of replenishing failed devices, or businesses will experience a higher total cost of ownership from inconsistent performance and support costs. Rugged tablet PCs, on the other hand, provide all the features and functions necessary to meet expectations of improved productivity, lower costs, and high return on investment.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by companies looking to deliver innovation to line-ofbusiness work processes with new or upgraded mobile solutions:

  • Does the device support advanced network management? Both the network management and antenna design are important for applications where tablets are replacing forklift mount computers to extend SAP and other ERP systems.
  • Does the device allow a reliable wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices including printers, onboard vehicle (black box) computers, or other radio technologies? The intermodal industry and others are applying these technologies to bring innovation to fleet management, national security, and food safety and tracking applications.
  • Does the device have multiple and customizable wired interface options such as USB, RS232 serial, Ethernet, video, and audio? Are there desktop and vehicle charging stations that also support the same wired connections?
  • Does the device offer multiple display options to optimize cost versus performance for inside and full sunlight applications? Does it offer a digitizer for very precise screen interaction? Law enforcement applications are demanding more screen space to increase productivity, but most must be used in full sunlight.
  • Does the device provide a rich set of optional integrated and attached industrial peripherals or accessories, including: 2D imagers, hard drives, smart (CAC) card readers, mag-stripe readers, finger print, pin pads, and RFID? These options facilitate a rugged mobile tablet platform that is important for many applications across a variety of industries, and many nonrugged devices don’t offer such peripherals.

As you can see from these questions, companies with a no-compromise mindset evaluate a broad set of attributes when selecting a rugged tablet PC versus non-rugged tablet. They require a rugged mobile tablet platform rather than a single point solution. By selecting the tools for improving productivity anywhere, they gain significantly more long term value and leverage across the business and also are able to truly deliver sustained innovation to their businesses.

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