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xTablet T7200 Rugged Tablet PC Certified with A-B Mobility Software

MobileDemand, a global provider of rugged Windows tablet PCs, is pleased to announce that the popular xTablet T7200 rugged tablet PC is now certified to be used with the A-B Mobility full-screen (legacy) Presell and Driver Sell software. The xTablet T7200 is the fifth generation of MobileDemand’s durable tablets to be approved to assist Anheuser-Busch sales representatives throughout the United States. 

rugged tablet pc beer distributionThe xTablet T7200 is the next generation of the successful xTablet T7000 and is designed to withstand the elements that a beverage distributor will encounter on a daily basis including beer coolers, desert heat and multiple drops to various surfaces. Options such as a barcode scanner give a sales rep greater productivity and efficiency in the field, improving overall customer satisfaction and increasing sales. The xTablet T7200 runs a Windows 7 Professional operating system on an Intel Atom processor, giving the AB reps the power they need to complete their daily operations successfully.

The AB Mobility software allows the sales rep to complete certain job functions at a much greater efficiency than if they were using pen and paper. Completing inventory in-store can be accomplished in a fraction of the time with the help of the integrated barcode scanner on the tablet. Also, ordering, work orders, proof of delivery and presentations can all be completed on the device, enabling AB employees to satisfy their customer and even sell more while they are on site.

“MobileDemand was founded back in 2003 with the very first customer being Anheuser-Busch,” says MobileDemand VP of Sales and Marketing, Bob Zink. “We’re thrilled that xTablet T7200 is now certified to run its AB Mobility software. It’s proof that our rugged tablets have been helping improve daily operations of AB sales reps since day one and will continue to do so into the future.”

The xTablet T7200 is available to all Anheuser-Busch wholesalers through MobileDemand’smobiledemand xtablet t7200 rugged tablet pc trusted reseller, Daugherty Business Solutions. Daugherty has been a reliable, go-to partner with AB, the wholesalers, and MobileDemand for many years.

“Daugherty is excited to offer the xTablet T7200 to the Wholesaler community because MobileDemand specifically designs their rugged devices to excel in the Wholesaler environment,” says Bobby Chartrand, Manager at Daugherty.  “Another one of MobileDemand’s greatest assets is their Technical Customer Service. When you partner with MobileDemand, you’ll quickly learn that you can always count on their support team. They pride themselves in customer service and support that meets all your needs and then some. It’s all about reliability.”

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