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Large Production Facility Deploys MobileDemand Forklift-Mounted Tablets

For warehouse and production facilities worldwide, the efficient movement of materials and employees alike is key to running a successful operation. For Minnesota-based Japs-Olson, this involves more than 30 forklifts, 700 employees and a forklift-mounted tablet solution accurately tracking inventory and keeping the mobile workforce as productive as possible at all times.

forklift-mounted-rugged-tablet-warehousing.jpgAt the 525,000 square foot headquarters of Japs-Olson, getting the right product from point A to point B efficiently and safely is priority. Whether it’s raw materials distributed from the warehouse to the industrial printers, finished goods to outbound shipping or back to storage, or any other internal movements of inventory, it all has a direct effect on the company’s bottom line.

To do this, Japs-Olson now relies on the xTablet T1600 rugged tablet from MobileDemand. It’s a powerful 11.6-inch Windows Professional device that runs their existing enterprise software, is rugged to withstand the forklift vibration and has a large touchscreen display which the operators can use with gloves. The most important feature of the tablet for Japs-Olson is the optional WiFi antenna, enabling improved connectivity to prevent loss of data and operator downtime.

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The forklift-mounted tablets we previously used just weren’t getting the job done. WiFi connectivity was intermittent and the device itself just wasn’t powerful enough to meet our mobile computing needs,” said Chris Peddicord, Director of Enterprise Technology at Japs-Olson. “Once we deployed the xTablet T1600 to all of our forklifts, device failures disappeared, WiFi connectivity vastly improved and overall productivity of the forklift operator increased because the rugged tablet allowed them to do more work in less time.”

new-vmt-for-forklift-fork-truck.jpgWhile MobileDemand has been providing high quality ruggedized tablets since 2003, it’s the company’s expertise in vertical markets that really helps end users in the information gathering stage as well as device selection. Peddicord confirms, “MobileDemand reps came on site and they were clearly experts in not only their own solution but in the competitive landscape as well. It gave us a sense that they’d clearly done this before and that they were healthy as a company. And it gave us a lot of comfort in moving forward knowing they were there to support us and had a quality solution.”

To prove its commitment to quality and innovation in the product development phase, all MobileDemand tablets are subjected to rigorous testing including severe forklift vibration, direct drops to concrete, heavy rain and over 1,000 1-meter tumbles. This ensures that the device is ready to be deployed to a mobile workforce as a reliable and trustworthy computing solution.

With the improvements seen to the forklift operations, Japs-Olson is now considering equipping other mobile workers with rugged Windows tablets.

The Japs-Olson case study webpage contains the forklift-mounted tablet video, a PDF download option, a video on the forklift vibration testing and links to other great content.

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