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Rugged Tablets and Cases

MobileDemand provides a broad line of rugged tablets, cases and technologies to help frontline workers achieve more. Our products are designed for demanding industries and offer countless, value differentiated productivity features and enhancements to grow with the needs of your business. xTablet and xCase family of products overview.

Windows Based Tablets

Our diverse line rugged Windows based tablets are productivity tools designed excel in the most demanding environments.

Android Based Tablets

Unlock the potential of your workforce with MobileDemand’s lineup of rugged Android™ enterprise ready, SOTI, VMware and GMS certified devices.

Rugged Surface xCases

Expand production while protecting your investment with the proven rugged, (DfS) certified xCase for Surface Pro and Go devices.

Rugged iPad Bundles

Hit the ground running with the rugged bundle for iPad. We eliminate the guesswork with our hassle free, out-of-the-box solution.

Rugged iPad xCases

Thi rugged case for iPad offers extreme protection and come standard with several convenient easy carry and mounting features.

Rugged Surface Bundles

Get the most out of your Surface device with MobileDemand’s out of the box, ready-to-deploy rugged bundle.


From XL batteries, powered docks, magstripe readers and more, take production to new heights with these and other MobileDemand accessories.

Software Subscriptions

MobileDemand is a one stop shop, providing software solutions dedicated to increasing efficiency and productivity of the mobile workforce.

Software Utilities

Explore our free software utilities, designed to streamline your day-to-day operation, manage sales teams and more.