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Secure Mobile Payments & Data Collection for Today's Workforce

Throughout a wide range of industries, magnetic stripe card readers (MSR) enable an endless array of applications from accepting payment to swiping employee ID badges. An integrated, mobile and rugged MSR solution includes many of the convenient features previously only found on stationary models or devices with third party MSR attachments, however its integrated functionality is designed to withstand everyday bumps, drops and spills. The evolution in mobile payments and data collection gives users the flexibility to process secure payments, check-in patients, and more on demand where and when they need to.

This paper introduces a first-of-its-kind integrated, rugged MSR tablet solution to help businesses make informed choices, and presents topics on:

  • Today’s mobile workforce
  • Proven rugged device protection
  • The importance of secure transactions and data collection
  • Example applications for increasing labor productivity and improving customer service

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Title: Secure mobile payments & data collection for today's mobile workforce

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