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Mounting Solutions for Anyone, Anywhere

1. Fixed Mounting

Stationary mounts using a Vesa plate or a mobile, no drill magnetic mount allows tablets to be positioned virtually anywhere.

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Title: A step-by-step guide to mounting rugged tablets

2. Vehicle Mounting

Universal fit accommodates a variety of vehicles and applications including law enforcement, ambulance, public safety, field service, food and beverage distribution and more. Enhance productivity by leaps and bounds by deploying vehicle mounts into your day-to-day operations.

3. Forklift Mounting

Heavy duty powered and non-powered forklift mounting solutions are engineered to hold the tablet securely in place while withstanding the continuous strain of heavy vibrations and the rigors of the road or warehouse floor.

Forklift Guide: Explore all the various forklift mounting options, along with benefits and applications in this helpful forklift mounting guide.

The Leader in Rugged Tablet Mounting

MobileDemand’s variety of creative mounting solutions have increased productivity for frontline workers in mobile industries everywhere. We work with customers to determine the correct mounting strategy for their specific tablet and needs to ensure the highest level of business continuity by reducing critical failures and costly downtime.

Fixed Mounts

Forklift Mounts

Vehicle Mounts

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