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Software Subscriptions

MobileDemand is a rugged technology innovator. Yes, we think outside the box with our ultra-durable protective cases and tablets, but we also think inside the box with our productivity enhancing subscription based software solutions. Our goal is to equip frontline workers with the tools they need to achieve more.

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning

Convenient and cost-effective box dimensioning software

Take advantage of xDIM Mobile and xDIM Insight, two powerful software tools working together to capture and record dimensioning data. No need for an expensive stationary dimensioning system – using your MobileDemand rugged tablet you can now quickly and accurately capture box dimensions – wherever they are.


Do more with xKeyPad’s on-screen keypad and barcode scanning

No keyboard? No problem! xKeyPad is the simple yet powerful tool that works seamlessly with other Windows®-based programs. This subscription based application will save time and money, and improve efficiency with the on-board keypad and barcode scanning functionality using the tablet’s built-in camera.