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Software Utilities

We compliment our rugged line of tablets and cases with a suite of free software utilities designed to further enhance your production capabilities. Find out how our Barcode Generator, xSalesMap, Sensor Monitor, and Power BI Dashboard Rotator apps can help you achieve more.

Barcode Generator

MobileDemand’s free online barcode generator allows you to produce individual printable and scannable barcodes in a matter of seconds. Or the Barcode Sheet tab function enables multiple 1”x2-5/8” barcodes to be laid out in a grid pattern and printed in sheet form.

Power BI Dashboard Rotator

Power BI is a business analytics service that enables you to see all of your data and reports at a glance. Once organized in a dashboard, users can utilize the MobileDemand Power BI Dashboard Rotator to automate the rotation of multiple dashboards on a single monitor or display. Simply provide a list of dashboard URLs, and set the amount of time you want to display each dashboard.