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Explore Current Discounts and Save Today!

Below is a list of current MobileDemand discounts. Prices are good for a limited time and only while supplies last. Promo codes are applied at checkout. Check the product pages for more information. 

Be sure to check back frequently for new promotions.

$30 off iPad Pro 10.5" Rugged Case - limited time introductory offer - Promo code iPadCase-$30Off - Buy now!

$25 off Rugged Surface LTE/Surface Pro 4/(2017) case  - Promo code RuggedCASE-$25Off - Buy now! 

50% off xTablet T8650 Standard Battery - Promo code MobileDemand50%Off - Buy now! 

Current Microsoft Surface Promotions:

  • $100 off:
    • Surface Pro with Core i5/8GB/128GB - Promo code SP-i58G128G-$100 Buy now! 
    • Surface Pro LTE Advance with Core i5/4GB/128GB - Promo Code SPLTE-i54G128G-$100 - Buy now! 
  • $200 off:
    • Surface Pro with Core i5/8GB/256GB Promo code SP-i58G256G-$200 Buy now!
    • Surface Pro LTE Advanced Core i5/8GB/128GB - Promo Code SPLTE-i58G256G-$200 - Buy now! 
    • Surface Pro with Core i7/8GB/256GB - Promo code SP-i78G256G-$200 - Buy now!
  • $250 off:
    • Surface Pro with Core i5/4GB/128GB - Promo code SP-i54G128G-$250 Buy now!
  • $300 off:
    • Surface Pro with Core i7/16GB/512GB - Promo code SP-i716G512G-$300 Buy now!
    • Surface Pro with Core i7/16GB/1TB - Promo code SP-i716G1TB-$300 Buy now!

Introductory offer - iPad Pro 10.5" Screen Protector