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Below is a list of current sales running on the MobileDemand store. Prices are good for a limited time and only while supplies last. Promo Codes are applied at checkout. Check the product pages for more information.

Be sure to check back frequently to see what new promotions are added.

$100 off MobileDemand Rugged Surface Pro Bundle - Surface Pro 128GB Core m3 4GB + Premium Rugged Case + Screen Protector - Buy now! Use Promo Code SURFPRO-$100OFF

$150 off MobileDemand Rugged Surface Pro 128GB Core i5 4GB + Premium Rugged Case + Screen ProtectorBuy now! Use Promo Code SURFPRO-$150OFF

$150 off MobileDemand Rugged Surface Pro 256GB Core i5 8GB + Premium Rugged Case + Screen Protector - Buy now! Use Promo Code SURFPRO256i5-$150OFF

10% off MobileDemand xTablet T1150 - Rugged Innovation for the Mobile Workforce - Buy now! Use Promo Code T1150-10% 

20% off MobileDemand xTablet T8540 - Highly Sealed Windows 10, Thin and Rugged - Buy now! Use Promo Code T8540-20%

20% off MobileDemand xTablet Flex 8A - Easy to Carry, Enterprise-Ready - Buy now! Use Promo Code FLEX8A-20%

$25 off MobileDemand Rugged Surface LTE/Surface Pro 4/(2017) Case - Buy now! Use Promo Code RUGGEDCASE-$25OFF