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TAA Compliant Rugged Tablets

TAA Compliant Rugged Windows Tablets from MobileDemand

TAA Compliant Tablet Options


The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) is a federal law that exists to foster fair international trade with certain designated countries.  The US government is required to purchase products that were made in the United States or end products from TAA-compliant countries.  Government entities like schools, courthouses, libraries and state facilities continue to grow more dependent on digital tools like the ones offered at MobileDemand.

The T1680 rugged xTablet, which comes in regular or C1D2 options is TAA-compliant.  Explore it further below.

*Must be purchased from a MobileDemand Rugged Expert in order to be TAA-compliant.  All of our T1680 SKU's are considered TAA-compliant.

 TAA-compliant rugged Microsoft Surface bundles available as well.

TAA-compliant Tablets from MobileDemand

Rugged xTablet with Windows® Pro 10

T1680 TAA-Compliant Rugged Windows Tablet

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All SKU's are TAA-Compliant

C1D2 Rugged xTablet with Windows® Pro 10

TAA-compliant Rugged Tablet with Windows 10 Pro

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All SKU's are TAA-Compliant

Please provide your contact details and our sales team will get back to you about MobileDemand's TAA-Compliant tablets. 

Or you can email Sales@MobileDemand.com or call 319.363.4121 to speak with an expert right now.