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Rugged Tablet and Rugged Case Reviews | Testimonials

Below is a compilation of various testimonials and reviews published online about MobileDemand rugged tablets and rugged cases. These are from customers, technology websites, device reviewers and more.

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Tablet Reviews | Surface Case Reviews

Rugged Surface Case Reviews

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Absolutely fabulous case. If you work with your Surface Pro in a physical active environment, you need this case.

• Amazon Customer •

This is the best tablet case that I've ever worked with, especially for anyone that needs to work in the field. Besides the protection, it has a very functional handle IN ADDITION to having a kickstand and allowing the keyboard to be attached. It was the first case I came across that supported all three.

• Amazon Customer •

This case is built tough and good for anyone who's prone to dropping things like these. Well worth the investment. Kickstand is awesome along with the pen holder attachment to make sure you don't lose your pens. Better than all the other tough cases I've tried.

• Amazon Customer •

Have you broken a Surface Pro because it just couldn’t stand up to the constant use, dropping and spills at school? MobileDemand has the answer – its xCase for Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4 can protect them from even the clumsiest students and teachers.

• Scholastic •

Excellent case and delivered on time!

• Amazon Customer •

It takes care of every concern and need. Incredibly rugged. Hand strap so it never slips out of your hand while writing. A tether for the pen! It even has mounting points for added accessories, or in my case I added a shoulder strap. It is very well engineered. This case ruggedizes the power of the Surface Pro 4.

• Amazon Customer •

We all like to think that we’re elite users with very high-end needs, but that isn’t exactly true. Our days are hectic, but they’re nothing compared to the lives of construction workers, first responders and warehouse managers. Dozens of different people manhandle devices in these organizations every day. They need their devices at the ready all the time. That’s where the xCase for Surface Pro 4 comes in.

• GottaBeMobile •

This is a very well made case. Previous problems I had with the Otterbox case have been solved with this case - 1) Pen would fall off as the magnet was not strong enough to hold it from small bumps and light brushes. 2) Keyboard would open exposing screen to damage. Everything has been well thought out in the cases construction: pen is very well secured, comfortable hand spot on rear to hold tablet, heavy duty stand on back has even better orientation than original on tablet, top corner straps keep keyboard from opening during travel. This is a great product and will protect your tablet better than the Otterbox.

• Amazon Customer •

If you are looking at deploying Surface 3 and/or Surface Pro 4 to workers in your company, you should definitely consider it. It adds a nice level of protection and, knowing how versatile it is, it also feels reasonably priced.

• BetaNews.com •

Rugged Tablet Reviews

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The T1600 clearly represents a new breed of tablet, one that is fashionably thin and light, uses the popular capacitive multi-touch, offers adequate onboard I/O, yet is much tougher and far better suited for business and the field than all those slender, fragile consumer tablets.

• RuggedPCReview •

The Flex 10 sells for an attractive $695. Although it's not as fast or as watertight as the other fully rugged tablets reviewed here, for the money, the Flex 10 offers a good amount of ruggedness.

• ComputerWorld •

Offering good performance, very low power draw, a very good hi-res display, and surprising ruggedness, the fanless xTablet Flex 10 represents a compelling, and compellingly inexpensive, package for anyone who needs Windows on tough jobs that don't require the higher protection (and cost) of a fully rugged device.

• RuggedPCReview •