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The New and Improved xTablet T8650 is Here

Say hello to the new and improved xTablet T8650. The innovative 8-inch rugged Windows tablet is known for being feature rich, rugged, value priced, and designed to enhance worker productivity. Today, it boasts several feature upgrades to help you get more work done in less time.

  • Scanning. Now equipped with an optional Honeywell N6703 scanner, you can expect greater range, fast scan speed and the ability to read a vast array of barcodes – meeting demands with higher operational volumes.

  • WiFi. Intel Wireless AC 9260 provides upgraded performance supporting all enterprise security protocols, minimizing connection interruptions.

  • Bluetooth. Now equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, the T8650 has better range and bandwidth for increased performance over Bluetooth 4.0, all while using less power.

  • GPS. Upgraded ublox NEO-M8N GPS provides industry leading navigation sensitivity, advanced jamming and spoofing detection while supporting all satellite augmentation systems.

Give it a try.
Request a demo of the refreshed xTablet T8650 or contact our Sales Team to learn more.

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