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These Are Days We Will Remember

In This Together 

Collaboration is everything at MobileDemand, and we're grateful for Microsoft Teams technology that offers our entire team to communicate effectively as they shift to working from home. It also ensures the ability to continue to seamlessly service and support our customers. During a recent company-wide video conference using Zoom to see more faces at once, MobileDemand President, Matt Miller, shared his appreciation to everyone for their flexibility, teamwork, and remaining customer focused as we navigate through these uncertain times.   


These Days Will be Remembered for Years to Come 

Mr. Miller also offered perspective on the good he sees from this: a higher focus on family, more time spent outdoors, a greater appreciation for consistency. He closed the call with the song, "These Are Days" by 10,000 Maniacs. We'll remember the fear, we'll remember the uncertainty, but most of all, we'll remember how we tackled this together.  


Here for You When You Need Us 

We understand the impact this pandemic has had on the industries we serve. It's why innovation hasn't been put on hold at MobileDemand. To support our customers, we are developing innovative products to improve productivity and offering extended discounts to our valued partners.  


Our team is up and running so you can be up and running. Contact us if we can be of any support 319.363.4121 or sales@mobiledemand.com.  

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