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Top 10 Considerations for Investing in Rugged Tablets

MobileDemand's rugged Windows tablets and cases for brand-name tablets are designed for investment protection and productivity in a variety of industries. What do you need to consider as you add rugged tablets to your operations?


What operating system is needed?

Consider all tasks, applications and what your IT staff will support as you select your rugged tablet operating system. MobileDemand's line of rugged tablets and cases include Windows, Android and iOS.


What computing power is needed?

Every rugged tablet application is unique. Some requiring far less processor speed than others. Understanding the processing requirements of the applications you run will be key to gaining the most performance from your rugged tablet.


What level of durability is needed?

Consider the environment in which the tablet will perform. Will it be mounted to a vehicle or forklift? Or be susceptible to drops and rough conditions? MobileDemand’s rugged tablets and cases are designed with varying degrees of durability.


Will it be used outside?

Consider where the tablet will be used. Many jobs need to be performed outside. Sunlight viewable screens or screens with light filtering technology enable workers to easily view tablet screens in direct sunlight and brightly lit environments.


Will it be exposed to elements?

If your rugged tablets will be exposed to dust and water that can cause potential damage, consider a rugged tablet with an IP65 rating that offers sealed ports to protect and extend the life of your device.


Will it function in low temperature?

If work will be performed outside in hot or cold conditions or within refrigerated environments, your rugged tablet must be engineered to withstand extreme temperatures. MobileDemand has tablets designed to operate in temperatures from -5 degrees to 140 degrees.


What will the device be doing?

Consider all the ways your rugged tablet can increase productivity in your operations. Will you need barcode scanning, payment processing or security badge or loyalty card reading? MobileDemand's innovative add-ons make all this possible with a single device.


Will it need to be mounted?

Will your tablet be mobile all the time or is mounting part of your use case? Many industries require mounted tablets. Whether on a forklift, in a vehicle or on a wall or counter, MobileDemand has a mounting and power kit solution for nearly every scenario.


Will it be used over multiple shifts?

Be sure to know your power requirements as you look at rugged tablet options. Direct wiring and hot swappable battery options are available to power tablets through multiple shifts. MobileDemand's sales experts work with you to understand your power requirements and make sure your rugged tablets are set up to perform in your environment.


What is your budget?

Budget should involve assessing the total cost of ownership which includes purchasing and maintaining your devices but also how the tablets will optimize your operations to save time and money. Establishing your ROI is an important step to understanding what you should spend.