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Tablet Mounting in Vehicles

Do more with vehicle-mounted tablets

Firstline workers are being outfitted with rugged tablets to enhance productivity where the work is done - in the field, in a warehouse or manufacturing site, in a vehicle, or with machinery. Mounting is an important part to allow the tablets to have a place to sit while the worker does their job. Our line of rugged tablets and cases can be mounted virtually anywhere work is done.

The vehicle mount is a key piece of the rugged tablet system deployment that should not be overlooked. When the tablet needs to be placed somewhere, the mounts are important to keep the worker productive.

Advantages of using rugget tablets with mounts include:

  • Prevents damage to the device, so they won't fall
  • Vehicle mounts are tested against extreme vibration
  • Easy insertion and removal of tablet
  • Quick swivel for other views
  • Compatible with full keyboards
  • Increases workforce productivity
  • Ergonomic positioning to prevent back, wrist, eye and neck strain

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Download our mounting white paper

Title: A step-by-step guide to mounting rugged tablets

Vehicle Mount & Stationary Mount Experts

MobileDemand has been mounting tablets since 2003, with tremendous success mounting devices in nearly every type of situation.

Vehicle mount examples:

  • Forklift mounted Rugged Tablets
  • Cars, trucks and vans
  • Carts, pallet jacks
  • Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks
  • Tractor trailers, tugs and heavy duty mining equipment
  • Agriculture tractors, planters, harvesters

Stationary mount examples:

  • Attached to machinery such as injection mold machines
  • I-Beams in factories and warehouses
  • Walls, desks, counters
  • Lab equipment
  • Strong magnet mounts to any metal surface

Mounts can be simply holders to secure a place to store and use the tablet. MobileDemand has innovative and patented Snap Mounting system that are small, quick release mounts with great flexibility and low cost to mount tablets nearly anywhere.

Mounts can also be more complicated vehicle mounts, commonly known as a vehicle dock, that make contact with the docking contacts on the rugged tablets. The vehicle dock secures the rugged tablet for high vibration enviroments and has I/O ports to connect power and other devices via USB, serial, HDMI or ethernet ports.

MobileDemand engineers are consistently innovating, creating durable docks for a multitude of applications.

You can count on the experts at MobileDemand and the various mounts available to help in improving mobile workforce productivity.

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Applications for Vehicle Mount and Stationary Mount Rugged Tablets

Forklift mounting for inventory control

Easy access while in cab of vehicle

Machine control and monitoring

Access to corporate apps

Lab equipment monitoring