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Warehousing goes on demand

Flex the labor you have, increase productivity to accommodate shifting demand and support omnichannel fulfillment.

Warehousing Workhorses.

The tablets for warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Get more done in less time.

Rugged Solutions for Warehousing

Warehousing faces many challenges and opportunities in our post-pandemic world. Here's a look at a few of them:

  • Continued labor shortages
  • Explosion of e-commerce
  • Rise of robotics
  • Increasing number of SKUs
  • Rise of Millennials in the workforce
  • Returns handling and replenishment increasingly important
  • Risk management
  • Consumers want omnichannel fulfillment

Consumers are demanding more ways to shop, which means retailers are transforming their warehouses and expanding into pop-up warehouses for omnichannel fulfillment. That shift goes from picking full cases and pallets to picking each one for direct to consumer fulfillment. Warehouse managers are adjusting their equipment and facilities to make this happen. They must ensure inventory visibility across the entire organization in order to be successful for omnichannel fulfillment.

Rugged Tablets

Manufacturers need to start their omnichannel warehouse fulfilment opportunities with a solid base. That's where MobileDemand's rugged tablets comes into play. Your rugged tablet can handle the complex data collection and tracking applications necessary for quick, convenient and easy fulfillment.

From warehouse floor data collection to delivery to a store or directly to the consumer, xTablets provide accurate, quick, easy and real-time information regarding your products.

Even industrial goods manufacturers can cut operational costs and improve delivery to the customer. The family of xTablets from MobileDemand allows you to streamline your entire supply chain operation from receiving to tracking through manufacturing, to the warehouse and finally to fulfillment. xTablets support ERP and warehouse management systems and can be mounted directly to the forklift for inventory management, cross docking, pick and put away and direct store delivery.

xTablet features:

  • Handheld, stationary or forklift-mounted handling options
  • Standard full screen software applications that run in standard Windows environments
  • 3D camera for precise volume dimensioning
  • External Wi-Fi antenna for improved connectivity
  • Built to survive extreme vibrations and temperatures
  • Read barcodes via integrated scanner
  • RFID reading through optional devices
  • Secure wireless LAN

Mobile Dimensioning

Warehouses can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize space with easy and convenient xDIM Mobile large and small box dimensioning.

  • Increase efficiency - Eliminates time moving items back and forth for measurement, increases speed and accuracy over the tape measure, captures product data to save time obtaining and entering later.
  • Reduce costs - Accurate measurements mean fewer overage charges and allow shipping departments to make intelligent parcel or freight decisions avoiding extra costs.
  • Optimize space - Accurate measurements optimize warehouse and truck trailer space and save money by optimizing warehouse and truck trailer space.
  • Mobile ease and convenience - Easily dimension and weigh boxes in place, conveniently collect and send accurate data to enterprise systems while measuring from a mobile location.

Mobile Scales

Products and goods are being moved to the end user in record time due to the explosion of online purchasing.

The xScale S100 portable scale allows warehouse workers to weigh products on the go. The convenient and easy to use handheld scale allows the worker to move to the box to get a weight, not have to move the box to a stationary unit.

  • Cuts down on time needed to weigh an item.
  • Increases productivity by capturing weight right at the location of the item.
  • Easy data collection - convenient, accurate and trusted data collection.
  • Seamless integration with existing product information systems (PIMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and other resource management platforms.

Download our xDIM Mobile Dimensioning white paper

Title: xDIM Mobile. Dimensioning just got easier.

Content: Cutting edge mobile volume dimensioning software allows you to quickly and accurately determine dimensions from anywhere. No need for an expensive stationary dimensioning system – just carry the MobileDemand rugged tablet you use every day to your boxes or truck. Maximize space, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and save money with xDIM™ Mobile.

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