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3D Mobile Volume Dimensioning Beta by xDIM™

xDim Mobile Dimensioning - Taking Productivity To Another Dimension

xDim™ Mobile Dimensioning (Beta)

Bringing Mobility to Volume Dimensioning

Apply to Become a Beta Tester

*Limited availability. Restrictions apply. Not all who apply will qualify.

With xDIM™ Mobile Volume Dimensioning you can quickly and accurately determine dimensions from anywhere with this patented technology (US Patent No. 10,268,892 and other patents pending). No need for a stationary dimensioning system – just carry the rugged tablet you use every day to your boxes or truck.

Data captured immediately from the 3D camera's depth sensor goes directly into the xDIM™ Mobile interface which is connected to xDIM™ Insight, our cloudbased analytics dashboard. Set an API to automate measurements from our app to yours.

Effortlessly export dimensioning data in the form you need it - photos, Excel files and analytics are right at your fingertips.

Read the xDIM press release issued at NRF 2020.

Key Advantages

Measure Packages Wherever They Are

  • Get quick and accurate measurements of packages
  • Simply scan with the tablet you carry every day
  • No more moving boxes to scan and measure

Improve Space and Time Efficiencies

  • Determine stackability and fill every square foot of shipping trucks
  • Optimize warehouse space
  • Speed up processes

Increase Revenue while Reducing Costs

  • Increase revenue by charging by volumetric weight
  • Reduce shipping chargebacks
  • Reduce volume dimension scanning investment costs

Enable Operational & Performance Insights

  • Capture data immediately
  • See results in real time from a cloud-based analytics dashboard
  • Easily collaborate with Value Chain Partners

The Intel®RealSense™ depth camera D415 is required in order to utilize our xDIM Dimensioning software. Compatible with several MobileDemand Rugged xTablets and xCases including:

Rugged xTablets with 3D Camera add-on expansion module capabilities. Integrated option available soon.

xTablet T1150

A rugged innovation for the mobile workforce, this IP65 sealed MIL-STD-810G tested tablet is an excellent tool for both inside and outside applications.

xTablet T1270

The most powerful tablet in our lineup coupled with the largest, 12.2” sunlight-viewable screen. IP65 seal and hot-swappable batteries makes this our most rugged tablet.

Rugged xCases designed for Surface with 3D Camera add-on expansion module capabilities.

xCase Surface Pro

MobileDemand’s rugged xCase for Surface Pro provides unparalleled durability and superior protection for anyone working in rugged industries.

xCase Surface Go

The Rugged xCase for Surface Go provides superior durability and protection, keeping your tablet safe whether you're out in the field or in the classroom.

Tech Specs

  • Windows-based Software
  • Requires Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D415 for box measurement and box dimensions
  • Works best with a MobileDemand xTablet solution (integrated and bolt on options available)
  • Requires connectivity from a mobile device to access the online dashboard
  • USB 3.0 required
  • Must have internet connectivity