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xDIM Mobile

Small to large box dimensions in seconds

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning is the modern solution for capturing box dimensions quickly and accurately. No need for an expensive stationary dimensioning system – just carry the MobileDemand rugged tablet you use every day to your boxes or truck. Maximize space, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and save money with xDIM Mobile – dimensioning just got easier.


This easy-to-use, point-and-click solution helps companies:

  • Gather accurate dimensions and reduce costs by empowering shipping departments to make intelligent decisions on boxes too large for parcel systems that should go as freight. ×DIM Mobile Dimensioning helps companies avoid those $1,000+ charges because of inaccurate shipping decisions.

  • Increase efficiency by collecting product item information including dimensions, scale weight, photos, barcode, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) data.

  • Optimize space by improving space utilization in your distribution centers and truck trailers.


Access our white paper or replay our on-demand webinar to learn what mobile dimensioning can do for you.

xDIM Mobile

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software puts instant and precise measurements into the palm of your hands. Eliminate the need of transporting cumbersome payloads to fixed locations and reduce human error by avoiding manual assessment of dimensions. Quickly collect accurate dimensions and calculate volume and DIM weights, optimizing space and load planning in warehouses and shipping containers.


xDIM Insight

By utilizing user defined IDs, images, geo-tagging and customizable settings, our cloud-based dashboard works hand-in-hand with xDIM Mobile to enable companies complete visibility to all measurements captured within the organization. Rich data can be accessed via an Application Program Interface (API) and provides a foundation for key business analytics and insights.


Measure Packages Wherever They Are

  • Get quick and accurate measurements of packages
  • Simply scan with the tablet you carry every day
  • No more moving boxes to scan

Improve Space and Time Efficiencies

  • Determine stackability and fill every square foot of shipping trucks
  • Optimize warehouse space
  • Speed up processes

Enable Operational and Performance Insights

  • Capture data immediately
  • See results in real time from a cloud-based analytics dashboard
  • Easily collaborate with Value Chain Partners


Convenient solution for mobile weights and measures

For those working in environments that require mobility to take weights and measures, we offer the xDIM Metrology Cart solution. Consisting of a heavy duty platform truck for easy transit and maneuverability, along with a postal and shipping scale for acquiring accurate weights. Also included is the brains of the operation, your choice of MobileDemand xTablet (see options below) equipped with 3D camera and our patented quick release snap mount system.


Technologies that move business

For optimal performance, xDIM Mobile is sold as a bundled offering with the following tablets and cases:

xTablet T1180

A rugged innovation for the mobile workforce, this IP65 sealed MIL-STD-810G tested tablet is an excellent tool for both inside and outside applications.


xCase Surface Go

The Rugged xCase for Surface Go provides superior durability and protection, keeping your tablet safe whether you’re out in the field or in the classroom.


xCase Surface Pro

MobileDemand’s rugged xCase for Surface Pro provides unparalleled durability and superior protection for anyone working in rugged industries.



  • Windows 10 and higher
  • CPU: i5 8th Gen Y-Series or equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 2GB Available
  • Available USB 3.0 required
  • Must have Internet connectivity
  • Requires Intel® RealSense 3D camera
  • Works best with a MobileDemand xTablet solution (expansion module compatible)
  • Requires connectivity from a mobile device to access the online dashboard


Take productivity to another dimension with our Windows based tablets with 3D camera connectivity. Save money on the purchase of an expensive, stationary dimensioning system. Now, for a fraction of the cost you can arm your workforce with MobileDemand’s Rugged xTablets, equipped with the Intel® RealSense D415 or D455 Depth Cameras.


xDIM Mobile Dimensioning software is Certified by NTEP to applicable requirements of NIST Handbook 44.

Having successfully completed the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NTEP) evaluation has qualified xDIM Legal for Trade, meaning it can be used for selling, purchasing, exchange, custody transfer, or establishing the cost for services or hire on the basis of a measurement. (Certificate Number: 21-041)


Creativity is in our DNA. MobileDemand continually strives to find innovative ways to deliver rugged, productivity-enhancing mobile device systems for our markets and customers. The investment has resulted in numerous issued patents including those for mobile dimensioning software.

xDIM Mobile is a registered trademark of 4DMobile, LLC.
Patent No. 10,268,892 & 10,559,086



A growing number of industries are benefiting from the power of xDIM Mobile software including transportation, supply chain management, logistics, shipping, warehousing and more.



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