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xDIM Mobile Dimensioning

Dimension standard and oversize boxes, pallets and irregular items

xDIM is a modern multi-method mobile dimensioning system that quickly and accurately captures dimensions of boxes, irregular items and pallets, anywhere in the warehouse. The mobile solution enables an entirely new workflow with the ability to capture all necessary data including dimensions, weights and pictures at the product location, even at the upper levels of the shelving. This new workflow saves more than 50% of time required to bring items to-and-from a stationary dimensioner.

Ditch the fixed dimensioner - xDIM goes where you go – whether you're up in the rafters or on the warehouse floor.



Using AI and ML, xDIM for pallets detects and classifies a pallet in order to determine dimensions, all from an edge computing rugged tablet. The software captures cleanly stacked, square payload pallets as well as non-square payloads, such as barrels or stacks of piping, up to 8-feet tall and across, replacing stationary freight dimensioning systems.

View pallet dimensioning video.


xDIM for irregular items and other non-cuboidal objects captures dimensions via an innovative bounding box outline of an item and can combine multiple objects into a single bounding box. Ideal for companies needing dimensions of psrcels, padded envelopes and other non-box items or companies needing to determine accurate box size for objects such as household goods.

View irregular dimensioning video.


For those needing dimensions for large boxes such as televisions, appliances and furniture, xDIM offers an upgrade for large boxes up to 8-feet (96-inches). With the 2-Step, box face method, a tablet is pointed at the front of the box then the side of the box. The software then calculates the box dimensions in just seconds.


The standard version of xDIM captures box dimensions from 3-inches to 4-feet (48-inches) by aiming the tablet at the corner of a box. The corner method provides dimensions within a half inch (0.5-inch) accuracy of the box's true dimensions in sub-seconds.


By utilizing user defined IDs, images, geo-tagging and customizable settings, our cloud-based dashboard works hand-in-hand with xDIM Mobile to enable companies complete visibility to all measurements captured within the organization. Rich data can be accessed via an Application Program Interface (API) and provides a foundation for key business analytics and insights. Input specific carrier shipping divisors for instant dimensional weight calculation.


For optimal performance, xDIM Mobile is sold as a bundled offering with the following tablets and cases:

xTablet T1185

Extremely versatile rugged tablet with sunlight readable screen

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Microsoft Surface Go

Surface tablet protected by durable case with mounting options

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface tablet protected by durable case with mounting options

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Capture weight quickly and easily wherever the job requires it with the portable xScale 200. Its lightweight folding arms and thin profile make it easy to use wherever an item needs to be weighed. The xScale S200 is fully compatible with xDIM.



Take productivity to another dimension with our Windows based tablets with 3D camera connectivity. Now, for a fraction of the cost you can arm your workforce with MobileDemand's Rugged xTablets, equipped with the Intel® RealSense D455 cameras with 3D depth sensing technology.


xDIM™ Mobile Dimensioning software is Certified by NTEP to applicable requirements of NIST Handbook 44.

Having successfully completed the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NTEP) evaluation has qualified xDIM Legal for Trade, meaning it can be used for selling, purchasing, exchange, custody transfer, or establishing the cost for services or hire on the basis of a measurement. (Certificate Number: 21-041 )


Increase Mobility

Capture item dimensions (LxWxH) anywhere and instantly calculate DIM weight, without having to move items to a stationary dimensioner, eliminating manual dimensioning.

xDIM Insight

Instantly upload and access dimensional data to the cloudbased analytics dashboard and access it in real-time.

Optimize Space and Time

Enhance warehouse slotting and storage utilization, and optimize truck trailer space.

Barcode Scanner

Capture barcode data with an integrated, high-performance Honeywell barcode scanner. Available with tablets and cases.


A growing number of industries are benefiting from the power of xDIM Mobile software including transportation, supply chain management, logistics, shipping, warehousing and more.