Mobile Dimensioning Webinar

Free on-demand xDIM mobile dimensioning software webinar

Warehouse space is at an all-time premium. With supply chain constraints, heightened consumer expectations, and ever-expanding product line, the need to save space, time, and money is more crucial than ever before.

We know how valuable every inch of storage space and every second of your day are to your operations. Have you noticed:

  • Your current dimensioner is collecting dust from lack of use?
  • Parcel couriers adding surcharges due to inaccurately reporting parcel measurements?
  • Inefficient slotting causing wasted storage space?

In our xDIM webinar, our expert will discuss the benefits of the following:

  • Obtaining precise dimensions of stock to optimize warehouse slotting and truck loading
  • Conveniently measuring boxes where they are instead of moving them to a fixed dimensioner
  • Managing parcel and freight shipping costs using precise dimensional weight calculations

Learn how to save space, time, and money in your warehouse processes with our patented 3D box measurement system, powered by 4DMobile.

Title: Saving space, time, and money with mobile box dimensioning

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