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xTablet T1190

Ultra thin and light tablet taking retail to new heights

At only 15mm thin and a mere 2.3 pounds, the T1190 may be small in stature but is big on features. Built to MobileDemand’s rugged standards, this sunlight viewable wonder carries an IP65 rating for dust and water so come rain or shine, weather will never slow you down. When equipped with an optional barcode scanner or 3-in-1 point of sale module kit, the T1190 shines in industries that rely on mobility and customer interactions, including retail, restaurant, and healthcare.



Designed and tested for extreme durability. The T1190 has passed the MIL-STD 810G drop test from five feet, ensuring dependability for any application where downtime, lost revenue and failure are not options.


Streamline and automate asset scanning with an optional integrated NFC module. The reader supports both Low Frequency and High Frequency (LF and HF) modes in a single module, enabling tracking the inventory levels and locations of all tagged assets.


Safe, secure mobile or countertop transactions to serve a wide consumer base in a variety of industries. Optional integrated all-in-one MagTek® tDynamo payment module kits and optional payment module bracket with sled kits supporting Ingenico and Verifone 3-in-1 card readers are available. All perfectly suited for line busting, quick serve restaurants, retail, healthcare and more. Designed for better transaction security, easier record keeping, and greater customer satisfaction to elevate your business.


Optional high performance Honeywell 2D imager offers world-class barcode scanning capabilities. HD optics allows capture of higher resolution codes and provides exceptional read range and readability. Laser aiming system improves user visibility and the ability to read moving barcodes, taking productivity to the next level in fast paced environments where data capture is critical.


Mounting is made easy with MobileDemand’s quick release snap mount system. The T1190’s rugged design, including our snap plate, supports safe and secure mounting for retail environments, checkout counters, walls, forklifts, warehousing, manufacturing, and so much more.


At only 15mm in depth, the ultra thin and sleek design allows the T1190 to be easily carried and operated throughout the day. But don’t let its looks fool you. It may lighter than some tablets but its not lightweight when it comes to performance. The more than capable Intel® Celeron N4120 Quad Core processor can easily power through the day’s most demanding tasks and ask for more.


Work efficiently in both indoor and outdoor environments thanks to a high resolution 10.1” 800-nit, sunlight viewable, 10-point multi-touch display. The T1190 has an IP65 rating for dust and water so inclement weather will never slow you down.


Several convenient features come standard with each xTablet. The easy carry briefcase handle and back hand strap eliminate the strain that comes from holding a tablet for extended periods of time. Also included are the versatile snap mount plate and sealed ports for added protection from the elements.


Reduce the risk of damage from accidental drops and hazards common in demanding industries. MobileDemand offers a heavy-duty impact-resistant rugged bumper kit. Designed and tested to offer increased device protection both externally and to internal components.



Sunlight Viewable

Light-filtering technology with a high contrast ratio in outdoor environments.

3-in-1 Payment Modules

Fast, mobile, secure card transactions with end-to-end encryption. Mobilize your PoS and reduce accounting and human resourcing workload. Speed up queues, simplify point of sale, or create records of stock levels and bookkeeping data.


Rugged yet thin and lightweight form factor. Easy to carry and hold throughout the workday.

Barcode Scanner

Add an optional Honeywell 1D/2D high performing optical scanner to increase the productivity of your mobile workforce when you need to read and decode barcode data.


Includes easy-carry briefcase handle and back hand strap with elastic bands for secure, comfortable device control on the move.

Sealed Ports

Sealed data ports offer next-level protection from dust and liquids. Allows continued productivity during inclement weather and harsh environments.

Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Pro provides customizable and secure computing for more efficient frontline processes. With business-class tools, and flexible management, it is designed for how you work today and ready for how you will work tomorrow.


Mounting is made easy with MobileDemand’s quick release snap mount system. Our rugged design allows safe and secure mounting for demanding applications including warehousing, manufacturing, construction, logistics and more.

Proven Rugged

Certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD 810G rigorous drop-test requirements for impact to each surface angle. Engineered for extreme durability and proven to perform after 26 drops so it keeps working as hard as you do.


Fully integrated optional NFC reader delivers nearly limitless pos- sibilities for user identification and authentication and is customiz- able to work with any card solution for any size company.


The T1190 excels across a broad spectrum of industries.




Our xProtect coverage protects your tablets from accidental damage, product defects, wear and tear, failures and any other damage that occurs when the tablet is used for what it was designed for in your real-world work environment.