10 Questions to Consider Before Mounting Your Tablet

10 Questions to Consider Before Mounting Your Tablet

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Rugged tablets are extremely popular for frontline workers due to their ease of mobility. But sometimes, even the most mobile of workers need to be stationary. The ability to quickly switch from being mobile to stationary can increase productivity by leaps and bounds. If you are considering mounting a tablet, there is a lot to think about, so here are our top questions to ask yourself before making a mounting decision.

1. What will your tablet be mounted to?

This may be the most important question to ask yourself. Where you want to mount your tablet – in a car, forklift, or on a wall or post – is important to consider due to the amount of time and effort you can save with a properly mounted tablet. It is also an easy question to answer. After all, who knows what type of work you need to do better than you?

2. Will the tablet and mount be in harsh climate conditions?

This pertains more to the tablet itself than the mount, but it is a vital question. Not all rugged tablets are created equal. Some are created for more specialized climates than others. Whether you’re working in a freezer, out in the heat, or going from a freezer into the heat, there are tablets that can handle whatever rugged environment you work in. Knowing what you will put your tablet through will help us to figure out what the best tablet is for your needs and how to best mount it.

3. Will you be leaving your tablet mounted or removing it? If removing it, how often?

That’s two questions, but they go hand in hand. The type of mount you use will in part depend on how often you expect to remove the tablet from its housing, if you remove it at all. Various mounting systems have varying ease of removal. MobileDemand’s snap mount system makes removing the tablet as easy as a press of a lever, while some of our more ridged mounting systems, though still easy to use, take a bit more to remove the tablet

4. What peripherals will you need?

Barcode scanners, keyboards, scales, the tools you need to keep your business operating smoothly can play a part in the mounting system you choose. There are many things to consider when looking at what ports and add-ons you’ll be using. Just a few are: What input/output ports do you need? How much power does each port draw? Will you need power for a 9-pin serial port? Will you use an external antenna? These are just a few of the things you need to consider before choosing a mount

5. Will you need a keyboard mounted as well?

In addition to needing a port to connect to, keyboards are bulky and need additional support. There are many brackets that offer support, and they can be combined with a mount to maximize your rugged tablet, keeping it both safe and secure.

6. Do you need a direct power kit to charge your tablet?

Tablets have batteries – good batteries – but if you are going to operate the tablet all day while running multiple applications, a battery lasts only so long. This is easily solved by determining if you are going to use a direct power source. There are many kinds, and we can help you find one to fit your needs.

If your tablet will be mounted in a forklift:

7. What is your forklift voltage?

This is especially vital if you are using a direct power kit for the tablet's battery. Forklifts come in three different voltage types.

  • LP and gas-powered forklifts tend to have between 11 and 27 volts coming from their battery.
  • Some electric forklifts have between 20 and 60 volts.
  • Larger electric forklifts use between 80 and 100 volts to operate.

Knowing whether your forklift is LP, gas-powered, or electric, and what size it is ensures you’ll get the right equipment to keep your tablet running smooth.

8. Where on the forklift will you be mounting your tablet?

When it comes to mounting a tablet to a forklift, there are several options to choose from. You can mount your tablet to the dashboard of the forklift or use a mounting system that attaches to the floor. Both are good options, but they require drilling into the forklift, which can lead to various difficulties. A more popular way to mount tablets is using the forklift’s roll cage. Overhead mounting on the roll cage is a simple effective option but mounting the tablet to the upright post of the roll cage using clamps is the most popular form of forklift mounting.

If your tablet will be mounted in a vehicle:

9. How will you mount your tablet in your vehicle?

Just like a forklift, there are many options to choose from when it comes to mounting your tablet. A dashboard mount is always possible, as is a center-console mount. Both often require drilling into the vehicle itself. Another option that requires no drilling is a custom no-drill base mount that hooks under the passenger seat. These are easy mounts that are quick to install, yet strong and secure. All you need is the year, make, and model to determine which one will work for your vehicle. Motorcycles are a bit trickier, but our Rugged Experts and Engineers are more than happy to work with you to create a custom mounting system for nearly anything.

10. Will you need direct wiring for your vehicle?

Similar to forklifts, wiring your tablet directly to your vehicle has many benefits. Vehicles don’t vary in their voltage like forklifts do, but they have different options. The first option is wiring it directly to the battery of the vehicle. The second is to get a simple adaptor that connects it to the auxiliary power outlet in your car.

And that’s it, 10 simple questions to consider before mounting a tablet. We want your business to succeed, and when mounting a tablet is the right choice, we want to be sure to help you find the right tool for the job. Interested in learning more? Request to download our Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting Rugged Tablets Whitepaper, contact us, or call 319-363-4121to learn more.